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Name Birth Death Occupation
Dandridge, Bartholomew 1737 1785 Bartholomew Dandridge (1737–1785), was the brother of Martha Washington, and the son of John and Frances Jones Dandridge. He lived in New Kent County, Va., with his second wife Mary Burbidge ... Read More
Dandridge, Frances Jones 1710 1785 Frances Jones Dandridge (1710-1785), widow of John Dandridge (1700-1756), was the mother of Martha Washington and Bartholomew Dandridge (1737-1785). She lived at Chestnut Grove, in New Kent County, ... Read More
Dangerfield, William From 3 May 1762 to 26 Oct. 1763, GW employed William Dangerfield's (Daingerfield) slave, Guy, as a bricklayer. GW paid for Guy's room and board, but billed Dangerfield for a trowel and clothing ... Read More
Dansie, Thomas Thomas Dansie ran an ordinary on the Pamunkey River in Virginia, and GW often stopped there when he was traveling between Mount Vernon and Williamsburg. Dansie also had a wharf on the King William ... Read More
Darrell, Sampson 1777 Sampson Darrell (d. 1777) was from Fairfax County, Va., where he served for a time as sheriff. He had also served with the rank of captain in the Fairfax County militia during the French and Indian ... Read More
Davis, Thomas (weaver) Thomas Davis was a weaver at Mount Vernon. GW’s account of the weaving done under the supervision of Davis, found in DLC:GW, runs from 1 Jan. 1767 until 30 March 1771. In 1767 Davis was responsible ... Read More
Dawson, Elizabeth c. 1709 1779 Elizabeth Churchill Bassett Dawson (c.1709–1779), the daughter of Col. William and Elizabeth Churchill, married in 1729 Col. William Bassett (1709–c.1743) of Eltham, by whom she had at least five ... Read More
Deermont, James 1786 James Deermont (d. 1786) was a tenant on GW's lot no. 17 in Fauquier County, Va., which tract had previously been rented by Thomas Loyd, before his lease was assigned to Deermont. Deermont remained a ... Read More
Digges, Dudley 1718 1790 Dudley Digges (1718–1790) of York County and Williamsburg, Va., was a member of the committee appointed in 1756 to supervise the expenditure of funds for the Virginia Regiment. The Virginia statute ... Read More
Digges, George 1743 1792 George Digges (1743–1792) of Warburton Manor, Prince George’s County, Md., lived directly across the Potomac from Mount Vernon and frequently visited GW. GW's account with Digges shows that in ... Read More
Dinson, James James Dinson leased from GW a 140-acre lot in Fauquier County, Virginia.
Dinwiddie, Robert 1693 1770 Robert Dinwiddie (1693–1770) was born in Glasgow, Scotland. After a brief career as a merchant in Glasgow, he went to Bermuda where he opened a mercantile and shipping business. In 1721 he was ... Read More
Dixon, Roger 1772 Roger Dixon (d. 1772) was a prominent merchant of Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 1765, GW paid 12 shillings for two bushels of flaxseed for Dixon (see Ledger A, 211).
Donaldson, Robert (Alexandria merchant) Robert Donaldson was an Alexandria wheat and flour merchant and the business partner of William Hartshorne (1742-1816). He may be the Robert Donaldson who was paid an amount of £14.3.10 in April 1775 ... Read More
Donaldson, Robert (wounded soldier) In 1766 Robert Donaldson petitioned the Virginia House of Burgesses for assistance, claiming that he had "received several Wounds in the Service" of Virginia, and that he was blind and ... Read More
Donaldson, William In March 1769 William Donaldson began renting GW's 100-acre lot no. 15 in Fauquier County, Va., at a rent of £4 per annum. The lease ran for his life and the lives of his wife Mary and their son ... Read More
Donne, Samuel GW's account with Samuel Donne shows that in April 1753, Donne owed £2.3 for cash spent at the saddler Richard Lewis's store (see Ledger A, 7). 
Dulan, John GW sold John Dulan 23½ yards of plaid cloth and 9 yards of “bird eye Linn[e]n” for £1.14.3. Dulan made up the difference between this and the £1.2 cash by supplying GW with chickens and eggs (see ... Read More
Dunnington, George George Dunnington was GW's tenant in Charles County, Md., on land that GW acquired as settlement in a dispute with Daniel Jenifer Adams. In the 1790 census Dunnington is listed as head of a ... Read More
Dyer (Dyers), John John Dyer leased from GW in 1769 lots 13 and 14 in Fauquier and Loudoun counties in Virginia. The lots, which contained a total of 227 acres, were part of the 2,682–acre tract in those counties ... Read More