Ledger C, 1790 - 1799: pg.59

Year Month Day Entry $ ¢
2 1796 Decr 1.

To the first Installment due this day for the paymt of my Share in the Dismall Swamp Company as pr Agreement dated Novr 16th 1795. - The whole amount being twenty thousand dollars to be paid in three equal annual Installments with Interest.

Dolls. 6666 Cs. 67
3 1797 Decr 1.

To the second Installment due this day as above

6666 67
4 1798 Decr 1.

To the third Installment due this day as above

6666 67
6 1797 April 10

To a tract of land sold you lying in Gloucester County Virga which I bought of Mr Jno. Dandridge


£ 3897 75

The conditions of the sale and with wch Mr Ball is to be charged, are that he is to pay for the land £800 (which it cost me) with Interest at the rate of 6 prCent pr Annum, from the first day of August 1789 (being the day on wch Mr Dandridge conveyed the land to me) until it is discharged.- That on or before the 10th day of April 1798 he is to pay me £303 and to give a mortgage on the land as a security for the payment of the residue of the purchase money with Interest as aforesaid in two equal annual Instalmts.- whereupon I have obliged myself my heirs &c to convey the land to him or to his assigns with a warrentee against any person claiming under me or the sd John Dandridge, but no others -

Year Month Day Entry Page $ ¢
2 1797 Feby 24

By Cash



Dolls. Cs.

By 71 Columbia Bank Shares





6 1797 April 10

By Cash recd from you in part paymt for the lands sold you <as per> Contra


£ 656 67