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Name Birth Death Occupation
Adam, James c. 1787 James Adam (died c.1787) was a merchant in Alexandria. He was also for a time a partner with Robert Adam and Matthew Campbell in the firm of Robert Adam & Co., which purchased GW’s flour. On 20 ... Read More
Adam, Robert 1731 1789 Robert Adam (1731–1789) was born in Kilbride, Scotland, migrated to America in the early 1750s, and settled in Alexandria, Va., where he initiated a number of industries, including a tannery and ... Read More
Adams, Abednego 1721 1809 Abednego Adams (1721–1809), a planter and one of GW's closest neighbors, lived on Little Hunting Creek, Virginia.
Adams, Daniel Jenifer 1751 1796 Daniel Jenifer Adams (1751–1796), of Port Tobacco, Charles County, Md., entered, in 1772, into a trading partnership with GW, Samuel Brodie, and John Carlyle, whereby flour refined at GW's and ... Read More
Adams, John (wagoner) John Adams was GW’s wagon driver at the Bullskin plantation.
Adventurers for Draining the Dismal Swamp In 1763 GW and several partners including Fielding Lewis and Burwell Bassett formed a company, “Adventurers for Draining the Dismal Swamp,” and the Virginia legislature empowered them to construct ... Read More
Agar, Edward Edward Agar was the captain of the ship Thomas, on which GW shipped tobacco.
Aitcheson & Parker Aitcheson & Parker was a mercantile firm in Norfolk, Va., consisting of William Aitcheson (Aitchison) and James Parker. James Alligood (Allegood) was an agent for the firm.
Aldon, Wantworth Wantworth Aldon was a joiner.
Alexander, Robert 1793 Robert Alexander (d. 1793), GW's neighbor and foxhunting companion, was the son of Col. Garrard (Gerard) Alexander of Alexandria, and the brother-in-law of GW's nephew Fielding Lewis, Jr. ... Read More
Alexander, Sarah In 1764, GW purchased a slave from Mrs. Sarah Alexander for John Robinson, who was then speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses (see, for example, Ledger A, 174).
Alford (Alfred), Thomas Thomas Alford (Alfred) appears to have been an apprentice to miller William Roberts at GW's mill. During the fall of 1775, Roberts and Alford were employed for several weeks in repairing the milldams ... Read More
Allison (Alliston), Bryan (Bryant) Bryan (Bryant) Allison (Alliston) was a tailor whom GW often employed until the early 1770s. Allison had come from England in 1737 as an indentured servant and served GW's father Augustine ... Read More
Alton, Elizabeth Elizabeth Alton was the widow of GW’s servant John Alton, who died in 1785. Their daughter was Ann Alton Walker.
Alton, John 1785 John Alton (d. 1785) was GW’s body servant in Braddock’s campaign and remained in his service until his death in 1785. At different times Alton was overseer of one or another of the Mount Vernon ... Read More
Alway, Arthur Arthur Alway (or Atway) used the services of GW's blacksmih in 1760, though GW did not receive payment from him (see Ledger A, 79).
Amson, John Dr. John Amson was practicing medicine in Williamsburg, Va., by the early 1750s. In 1757 GW suffered with dysentery, and in 1758 GW thought, mistakenly, that he was also experiencing symptoms of ... Read More
Andrew Clow & Company The mercantile firm of Andrew Clow & Co. of Manchester, England, operated a store in Philadelphia after the Revolutionary War.  In 1791, the store was located in Philadelphia at 20 South Front ... Read More
Ansdale, Daniel In May 1770 GW received six shillings from Daniel Ansdale for corn sold to him (see Ledger A, 314).
Anthony Bacon & Company Anthony Bacon & Company was a London firm, one of the partners of which was merchant Anthony Bacon (c.1717–1786). Bacon, who was for a time a storekeeper in Maryland and a master of a tobacco ... Read More
Archer, Hugh Several of GW's accounts with Lund Washington in the latter 1770s and early 1780s reflect payments to Hugh Archer, who was a weaver (see Ledger B, 153, 155, 162).
Arell (Arrell, Arrol), Richard 1719 1796 Richard Arell (Arrell; Arrol; 1719-1796) of Pennsylvania came to Alexandria, Va., sometime before July 1762 and worked for a time as a merchant, before becoming an innkeeper there. GW frequently ... Read More
Armstrong, William (shoemaker) William Armstrong was a shoemaker. GW's business and farm manager Lund Washington paid Armstrong on several occasions for making shoes, including those for slaves (see, for instance, Ledger B, 155, ... Read More
Ashford, George In January 1762, GW bought from George Ashford a 135-acre tract on Dogue Run, which adjoined a tract of the same size that GW had purchased from Ashford's brother John the previous year. In 1785 ... Read More
Ashford, John John Ashford sold to GW a 135-acre tract on the west side of Dogue Run in January 1761. GW later conveyed that tract, as well as other lands, to Lund Washington.
Askew, John John Askew was a carpenter and joiner who worked for GW from 1759 to 1767.
Ayscough, Christopher c. 1772 Christopher Ayscough and his wife Anne ran a tavern in Williamsburg on Francis Street near the capitol. Christopher announced the opening of the tavern in the 6 Oct. 1768 issue of The Virginia ... Read More
Babb, Philip 1731 1762 Philip Babb (1731–1762) was a planter in Frederick County, Virginia. At the time of his death, Babb owned the plantation Great Marsh in the county and a house and lot in Winchester, Virginia.
Backhouse, John John Backhouse was a Liverpool merchant involved in the Virginia trade. In 1762 Backhouse sent salt to GW.  His ship, the Marlborough, William Quinney master, entered the Rappahannock River with the ... Read More
Bailey, Thomas Thomas Bailey worked on GW’s millrace in 1770. He also had some work done at the Mount Vernon blacksmith shop (see Ledger A, 130).
Baldridge, Matthew (Mathew) Matthew Baldridge served as a joiner at Mount Vernon for three years. For his first two years of service, GW paid Baldridge £25 sterling per year, while Baldridge received £31.10s. for the third year ... Read More
Baldwin & John Buckner (firm) Brothers Baldwin Mathews Buckner (d. 1778) and John Buckner (d. 1790), both of Gloucester County, Va., were partners in the firm of Baldwin & John Buckner, which engaged in the West Indies trade ... Read More
Balfour & Barraud (firm) The Norfolk, Va., firm of Balfour & Barraud included among its partners merchants James Balfour and Daniel Barraud. GW sold Mount Vernon flour to the firm, though as of 1775, GW had not yet ... Read More
Ball, John (millwright) John Ball, of Frederick County, Va., was a millwright. GW made an agreement on 30 Dec. 1769 with Ball to build his new merchant mill, and Ball began work in April 1770. Ball was paid off in ... Read More
Ballendine, John 1782 John Ballendine (d. 1782) of Prince William County, Va., was an enthusiastic promoter, builder, and operator of a series of mills, ironworks, and canals. He later had a furnace, forge, and saw mills ... Read More
Ballinger (Ballenger), Francis Francis Ballinger (Ballenger) leased GW's lot no. 5 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, following the ... Read More
Ballinger (Ballenger), James James Ballinger (Ballenger) was leasing the 120-acre lot no. 4 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, ... Read More
Banister, John 1734 1788 John Banister (1734–1788) was a planter and lawyer whose estate Battersea was near Petersburg in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1765 to 1775 and in the ... Read More
Barnes, Abraham (of Fairfax County, Va.) 1785 Abraham Barnes (d. 1785), a planter in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Va., was married to Sarah Ball McCarty, widow of Denis McCarty of Cedar Grove, Fairfax County. GW made inquiries to Barnes ... Read More
Barnes, Abraham (of Md.) c. 1778 Abraham Barnes (died c.1778) resided for many years in St. Mary's County, Maryland. He was a merchant, who held several public offices. Barnes was also engaged for a time in military service, ... Read More
Barnes, Sarah Ball McCarty 1786 Sarah Ball McCarty Barnes (d. 1786) was the daughter of Col. William Ball of Northampton County and thus a distant relation to GW. After the death in 1742 of her first husband, Denis McCarty, of ... Read More
Barrett, Edward In February 1762, Edward Barrett of Fairfax County, Va., paid 12s. 9d. for Valinda Wade, who lived with her three daughters on a tract of land adjoining Mount Vernon’s Mill farm (see Ledger A, 93).
Barry, John 1775 John Barry (d. 1775) of Fairfax County, Va., lived down the Potomac from Mount Vernon and was clerk of the Truro Vestry from 1764 until 1775. He was married to Eleanor Wade Barry. Barry for many ... Read More
Bateman (Bater, Bottiman), Philip Philip Bateman was a gardener at Mount Vernon for many years whose indenture GW purchased for £35 in 1773. Lund Washington wrote GW on 1 Oct. 1783: “As to Bateman (the Old Gardener) I have no ... Read More
Bayliss, William In 1771, GW paid a William Bayliss for "laying an Axe" (see Ledger A, 353). He may be the William Baylis of Fairfax County, Va., who was elected a vestryman for Truro Parish in 1765. 
Bayly, William 1715 1782 William Bayly (1715-1782), an original settler of Colchester in the late 1750s, operated a tavern there. He later became the proprietor of the Colchester tobacco warehouse.
Bazell, Hosea Hosea Bazell worked on GW’s millrace, and on 21 Sept. 1760 he received from GW £2.8.9 for "32½ days" work (Ledger A, 102).
Beard, John John Beard served for a time as GW's wagoner during the French and Indian War (see Ledger A, 32).
Beaton, William William Beaton was a weaver. In late December 1776, GW's account with Lund Washington shows that a payment was made to Beaton in the amount of £7 (see Ledger B, 147).
Beedy, John GW employed John Beedy throughout the 1760s to dress and tan hides.