List of Tithables, 1760

Below is a transcription of a page from “Invoices, 1766-1773; Miscellaneous Lists, 1755-1774,” which is part of Series 5 of the George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress. This list of tithables in Fairfax County, 1 June 1760, lists Washington’s hired and enslaved workers along with their main duty – carpenter, smith, house servant – or location – Muddy Hole plantation, Dogue Run plantation, etc. The table is configured to correspond to the original manuscript (at the Library of Congress) as accurately as possible.

A List of Tithables given in June 1st 1760 Fairfax County

George Washington

  John Alton   Muddy hole Plantn Richard Stephens 1
  John Askew 2   Dublin  
House Servants Breechy     James  
  Jack     Tom  
  Nat     Betty  
  Schomberg     Ruth  
  Doll     Grace  
  Jenny     Phoebe  
  Betty     Kate 8
  Phillis   Williamson’s Plantn Robert Stephens 1
  Moll 9   Gregory  
Carpenters Will     Neptune  
  Morris     Charles  
  Michael     Boson  
  Tom     Hannah  
  George     Cloe 6
  Sam   Dogue Run Plantn Jno Foster 1
  Billy 7   Jack  
Smiths Peter     Casar  
  London 2   Cupid  
Home Plantation Jack     Betty 4
  Jack   Mill Anthony  
  Billy     Betty 2
  George       24
  Kate 5   brot up 25
    25   In all 49

NB. paid Mr. John West Junr July 28th 1761. The Taxes & County Levys for the

above Tyths-as pr Rect No. 2. Viz. 49 Taxables @ 5/ Totl £12.5.0
  ditto Tyths @ 11 lbs Tobo 539  
also—pd Robt. Boggess Parrish Collr for ditto ditto @ 20 lbs 980  
        1519 Tobo £12.5.0

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Mary Wigge, 13 August 2014.