Revolutionary War Vouchers and Receipted Accounts, 1776 -1780 [Washington]

The following account books are collected together in one volume: Revolutionary War Vouchers and Receipted Accounts, 1776-1780; Revolutionary War Vouchers and Receipted Accounts, 1780-1784; Accounts, General Meeting of the Society of the Cincinnati, May, 1784.

This volume contains receipts Washington received for goods and services he purchased during the war that served as supporting documents, or vouchers, for the final audit of his accounts. Kept by Caleb Gibbs, Mary Smith, and others, these documents record the expenses of Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Issued to bakers, grocers, wine merchants, sellers of china and household furnishings, laundresses, seamstresses, servants, and tavernkeepers, they are a source of information about the lives and businesses of small (and some large) tradespeople, including women and African-Americans, in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. Also included is correspondence from the Congressional Office of Finance, the Office's final report, and accounts of "monies drawn from the United States" by General Washington during the course of the war. See this example in the "Teaching with the Library of Congress" blog: "Experiencing History from Behind the Scenes: Martha Morris and George Washington."

There are 377 pages.

Washington, George. George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers: Revolutionary War Vouchers and Receipted Accounts, 1776-1780. /1780, 1776. Manuscript/Mixed Material. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed February 16, 2017.)


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Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 1, 1776 - 1780

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