Frederick County (Va.)


Bruin's ordinary was run by Bryan Bruin who lived in Winchester, Virginia.

James Magill’s (McGill’s) tavern was on the road to Fort Cumberland from Winchester in Frederick County, Virginia.

Isaac Perkins (Parkins) of Winchester, a captain in the militia and a leading citizen of Frederick County, had been operating his mill just outside Winchester since the 1740s.

This ordinary was located in Winchester, Virginia, and was run by Philip Bush (c.1733-1812)

New Town, now called Stephens City, is in Frederick County, about 7 miles south of Winchester. It was known as Stephensburg.

The Shenandoah tract was 6500 acres on the Shenandoah river, Snicker's ordinary, and was owned by George Mercer. When Mercer sold the tract in 1774, Washington purchsed two of the lots which ... Read More

Joseph Combs operated a ferry across the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, and in 1759 he received a license to have an ordinary at his ferry landing.

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