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Henry Boggess owned land in Fairfax County, Va., and across the line in Loudoun County. Boggess's name was listed among the vestrymen selected for Truro Parish in July 1765.

GW's account ... Read More

Presley Cox (d. 1783) of Fairfax County, Va., occasionally visited Mount Vernon and made use of the blacksmith there (see Ledger A, 196). Cox, who was married to Elizabeth Cox (d. 1792), was ... Read More

Charles Washington (1738–1799) was GW's younger brother and a leading citizen of Fredericksburg, being both a vestryman of St. George's Parish and a Spotsylvania County justice. In 1757 ... Read More

Robert Boggess (died c.1773) lived at La Grange, in Fairfax County, at the head of Pohick Creek. He served for several years as a vestryman and church warden of Truro Parish (see Slaughter, ... Read More

Thomazin (Thomasin) Ellzey (Elzey, Elsey), of Fairfax County, Va., collected quitrents for Lord Fairfax in the early 1760s and was a vestryman of Truro Parish in Fairfax County from 1765 to 1785. ... Read More

James Wren (c.1728–1815), a justice of the Fairfax County Court and a member of vestry of Fairfax Parish, took his oath as tax commissioner for the Truro district of Fairfax County on 19 May 1788 ... Read More

Martin Cockburn was the son of Dr. Thomas and Rachel Moore Cockburn, of Jamaica. He settled in Virginia and owned an estate called Springfield, near Colchester. Cockburn served on the Truro Parish ... Read More

Edward Payne served with GW as a vestryman of Truro Parish 1765–74. When Payne contracted with the parish in 1766 to build a chapel of ease (later called Payne’s Church) for the parishioners in ... Read More

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