Colonial - Volume 10


Lettice, or Letitia, Corbin (c.1715–1768) was the sister of George Lee, Ann Fairfax Washington’s second husband, and the widow of John Corbin (1715–1757) of Portobago, Essex County, Virginia. ... Read More

Christopher Shade worked for GW at least through 1773 as his waggoner.

William Williams rented a farm on Mount Vernon lands.

Bennett Jenkins was a member of the expedition led by Valentine Crawford that attempted to seat GW's lands on the Ohio and Kanawha rivers in 1774. GW paid Jenkins sums equivalent to a total of £2. ... Read More

William Waite (died c.1787), a builder from Fauquier County, made repairs on GW’s chimneys in 1760.

GW hired George Young in January 1774 for a year at an annual salary of £25 to make the improvements on his western landholdings required by law ( ... Read More

Daniel McCarty (d. 1792), son of Daniel McCarty (d.1724), was a wealthy planter living at Mount Air on Accotink Creek in Fairfax County. He was married to Sinah Bell McCarty (d. 1798) with whom he ... Read More

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