Colonial - Volume 9


Abednego Adams (1721–1809), a planter and one of GW's closest neighbors, lived on Little Hunting Creek, Virginia.

James Mercer (ca.1735–1793) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, a brother of George and John Fenton Mercer, and the half brother of John Francis ... Read More

Margaret Barry Manley Sanford was married to Harrison Manley, the son of John Manley (d. 1750 ) and Sarah Harrison Manley. They had at least one child, Mary (Molly) Manley. Margaret remarried ... Read More

John Cannon was a saddler with whom GW had an account for some years (see Ledger A, 251; see also Ledger B, 22).

John Francis Mercer (1759-1821) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, and the half brother to George and James Mercer. He was commissioned a ... Read More

Edward Wathing (Wathen), a cobbler, lived near Mount Vernon. He occasionally made shoes for GW's slaves and in return had work done at GW's blacksmith shop.

Thomas Eden, brother of Maryland governor Robert Eden, owned and commanded the Annapolis, aboard which ship GW dined in May 1773.  Eden also had a trading company by the name of Thomas ... Read More

William Peterson leased land from GW.

Thomas West, son of Charles West of Loudoun County, rented two lots totaling 220 acres from GW on the borders of Loudoun and Fauquier counties, for £9 per year.

Bennett Jenkins was a member of the expedition led by Valentine Crawford that attempted to seat GW's lands on the Ohio and Kanawha rivers in 1774. GW paid Jenkins sums equivalent to a total of £2. ... Read More

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