Confederation - Volume 3


 James Bernard leased GW’s Frederick (now Berkeley) County lot no. 6 on Evitts Run at the “head of Worthington Marsh.” Anthony Gholson took over the rent of that lot in 1768.

Lewis Lemart (Lamart), who had acted briefly as GW’s rental agent before his death in the spring of 1785, began leasing GW’s lot no.10 on the Fauquier-Loudoun County border in December 1772 at £7 ... Read More

Andrew Watts Wales (c.1737–1799) was a brewer in Alexandria, Virginia. Wales owned a brewery and distillery on South Water Street and a tavern on Union Street in Alexandria.

In 1773 Moses Collett leased GW’s Bullskin lot no. 2, containing 200 acres, at an annual rate of £6 for “three lives.” After Collett’s death, which occurred sometime before 1 Oct. 1783, his eldest ... Read More

Daniel McCarty (d. 1795), son of Daniel McCarty (d. 1744), lived at Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was a near neighbor of William Augustine Washington.

Richard Watts was a tenant on GW's lands in Fauquier and Loudoun counties.

Anthony Gholson (Gholston) rented a 113-acre parcel (lot no. 6) of GW’s Frederick (Berkeley) County land on Evitts Run above Worthington’s Marsh from 1768 until at least as late as 1786. Gholson’s ... Read More

Peter Romaine (Romine) began leasing GW’s 120-acre lot no. 1 in Fauquier County, Va., at £4 per annum, in the early 1770s (see Ledger B, 74).  Romaine later ran away.

John Williams was a tenant on GW's land in Frederick County, Virginia.

William Kercheval leased a 172 acre tract on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia.

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