Diaries - Volume 2


Robert Adam (1731–1789) was born in Kilbride, Scotland, migrated to America in the early 1750s, and settled in Alexandria, Va., where he initiated a number of industries, including a tannery and ... Read More

Daniel McCarty (d. 1792), son of Daniel McCarty (d.1724), was a wealthy planter living at Mount Air on Accotink Creek in Fairfax County. He was married to Sinah Bell McCarty (d. 1798) with whom he ... Read More

Joseph Valentine (d. 1771), who was in charge of all the Custis estates when GW married Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759, stayed on as the “Common Steward” for both John Parke Custis’s inherited ... Read More

Robert Alexander (d. 1793), GW's neighbor and foxhunting companion, was the son of Col. Garrard (Gerard) Alexander of Alexandria, and the brother-in-law of GW's nephew Fielding Lewis, Jr ... Read More

James Mercer (ca.1735–1793) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, a brother of George and John Fenton Mercer, and the half brother of John Francis ... Read More

Jane Vobe (died c.1789) operated a well-furnished tavern in Williamsburg on Waller Street near the theater, and according to a traveler who had stopped there four years earlier, it was a place “ ... Read More

Frances (Francina) Colvill (d. 1773) was the wife of Thomas Colvill and was, along with GW, one of the executors to his estate. In his will, Thomas provided that Frances's niece, Sarah Savin, who ... Read More

Edward Payne served with GW as a vestryman of Truro Parish 1765–74. When Payne contracted with the parish in 1766 to build a chapel of ease (later called Payne’s Church) for the parishioners in ... Read More

There were three Miss Wades who lived on a tract of land adjoining GW’s Mill farm—Valinda, Sarah, and Eleanor. These were the daughters of Valinda and Zephaniah Wade.

In 1770, GW today ... Read More

Harrison Manley (d. 1773), was the son of John Manley (d. 1750) and Sarah Harrison Manley, and the brother of Penelope Manley French. Manley occasionally sold wheat to GW and used the services of ... Read More

Humphrey Peake (1733–1785), who inherited Willow Spring from his father, William Peake (d. 1761), was a neighbor and fox-hunting companion of GW and a frequent visitor to Mount Vernon. Peake ... Read More

Charles Washington (1738–1799) was GW's younger brother and a leading citizen of Fredericksburg, being both a vestryman of St. George's Parish and a Spotsylvania County justice. In 1757 ... Read More

Mary (Molly) Manley was the daughter of Harrison Manley and Margert Barry Manley Sanford.

Margaret Barry Manley Sanford was married to Harrison Manley, the son of John Manley (d. 1750 ) and Sarah Harrison Manley. They had at least one child, Mary (Molly) Manley. Margaret remarried ... Read More

Worthington's Marsh was in Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

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