Diaries - Volume 4


James Bloxham (died c.1793) came from England in April 1786 to serve as GW’s farm manager and was generally referred to by GW as “my Farmer.” Before coming to the United States Bloxham worked for ... Read More

Daniel McCarty (d. 1795), son of Daniel McCarty (d. 1744), lived at Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was a near neighbor of William Augustine Washington.

George Augustine Washington (c.1758–1793) was the oldest son of GW’s brother Charles. He served as a major in the Continental army and as Lafayette’s aide during the Revolution. In 1785 he ... Read More

Joseph Hickman was a tenant on GW's Frederick lands.

James Mercer (ca.1735–1793) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, a brother of George and John Fenton Mercer, and the half brother of John Francis ... Read More

John Williams was a tenant on GW's land in Frederick County, Virginia.

William Kercheval leased a 172 acre tract on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia.

Key’s (Keyes’) ferry on the Shenandoah River, about four miles east of Happy Retreat, had been authorized by the General Assembly in 1748 to run between William Fairfax’s land on the east bank and ... Read More

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