Revolutionary War Cashbook of Household Expenses, July - October, 1775 [Washington]

This volume, labeled "Cash Book No.1," contains detailed records of cash expenditures for Washington's immediate "military family," the aides and secretaries who attended him at his Revolutionary War headquarters. It was kept by Ebenezer Austin under the direction of Colonel Joseph Reed. Austin, who was the steward of the household at Washington's headquarters, supervised the food and laundry services for Washington and his staff. Reed served as Washington's private aide and secretary until his appointment as army adjutant general in 1776. This book covers the period from Washington's arrival in July 1775 at army headquarters at Cambridge, Massachusetts, through October 1775. Most of the payments in it are for food.

There are 71 pages.

Washington, George. George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers: Revolutionary War Cashbook of Household Expenses, July - October, 1775. 07-/10, 1775. Manuscript/Mixed Material. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed February 16, 2017.)


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Revolutionary War Household Expense Accounts, 1775

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