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A man of the clerical order; an ordained minister of the Christian church; one in holy orders.

This can include bishops, reverends, ministers, priest, etc.



Jonathan Boucher (1738–1804) of England came to the United States in 1759, but two years later went to London to obtain ordination as an Anglican minister, which he received in January 1762.  ... Read More

Rev. Isaac William Giberne was licensed as a preacher in 1758 and went to Virginia the following year to find a parish. He first lived at Thomas Turner's plantation Walsingham in King George ... Read More

Lee Massey (1732–1814) practiced law in his early years, but in the latter 1760s he was chosen by the vestry of Truro Parish to be rector of the parish and sent to England for ordination. He ... Read More

Rev. John Camm (c.1717-1779) was an Anglican priest who was a professor of divinity in the College of William and Mary from 1749 to 1757 and from 1763 to 1771. He also served as the college's ... Read More

The Rev. Charles Green (c.1710-1765), longtime rector of Truro Parish, was also a physician who attended the family at Mount Vernon. Green's wife, Margaret, later married William Savage after ... Read More

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