One who tends, lays out or cultivates a garden; a servant employed to tend and cultivate a garden.



Christopher Ayscough and his wife Anne ran a tavern in Williamsburg on Francis Street near the capitol. Christopher announced the opening of the tavern in the 6 Oct. 1768 issue of The Virginia ... Read More

John Christian Ehlers (died c.1820) agreed to work as a gardener for GW at Mount Vernon, and traveled from Bremen, Germany to New York in mid-September 1789, and proceeded to Mount Vernon shortly ... Read More

Peter Green came to work at Mount Vernon as a gardener in the spring of 1765. He remained for one year.

Philip Bateman was a gardener at Mount Vernon for many years whose indenture GW purchased for £35 in 1773. Lund Washington wrote GW on 1 Oct. 1783: “As to Bateman (the Old Gardener) I have no ... Read More

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