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John Canon (Cannon; c.1740-1798) of Washington County, Pa., owned a substantial tract of land on Chartiers Creek near GW’s Millers Run lands. He was a justice for the Virginia district of West ... Read More

In 1784, GW appointed Thomas Freeman, then residing at Redstone, Pa., as his land agent to superintend his "affairs on the Western Waters in the State of Pennsylvania & Virginia". In September ... Read More

Robert Lewis (1769-1829) was the tenth child of Betty Washington Lewis and Fielding Lewis, and nephew to GW. He served as GW's presidential secretary from 1789 until 1791 when he resigned to ... Read More

William Crawford (1732-1782), brother of Valentine Crawford and husband to Hannah Vance Crawford, was, in 1755, commissioned an ensign in the company of scouts attached to the Virginia Regiment. ... Read More

Lewis Lemart (Lamart), who had acted briefly as GW’s rental agent before his death in the spring of 1785, began leasing GW’s lot no.10 on the Fauquier-Loudoun County border in December 1772 at £7 ... Read More

Battaile Muse (1751–1803) was the son of Col. George Muse (1720–1790) of Caroline County, Va., who served with GW in the Virginia Regiment during the Fort Necessity campaign, and Elizabeth ... Read More

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