One who weaves textile fabrics; a workman or workwoman whose occupation is weaving.




Several of GW's accounts with Lund Washington in the latter 1770s and early 1780s reflect payments to Hugh Archer, who was a weaver (see Ledger B, 153, 155, 162).

Thomas Davis was a weaver at Mount Vernon. GW’s account of the weaving done under the supervision of Davis, found in DLC:GW, runs from 1 Jan. 1767 until 30 March 1771. In 1767 Davis was ... Read More

William Gray was GW's weaver. In 1789, he began renting from GW what was referred to as the Chapel land, which was part of a 700–acre tract in the area of Dogue Run which GW had acquired in ... Read More

William Beaton was a weaver. In late December 1776, GW's account with Lund Washington shows that a payment was made to Beaton in the amount of £7 (see Ledger B, 147).

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