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Name Birth Death Occupation
Tarpley, James James Tarpley was a merchant in Williamsburg, Va., in partnership with different people at various times. He was a partner in the firm of Tarpley & Knox, which operated a store in Williamsburg.
Thornton, John 1777 John Thornton (d. 1777) resided near Fredericksburg and represented Spotsylvania County in the House of Burgesses. He was a close associate of the Washington family, and during the French and Indian ... Read More
Tobacco Like many Virginia planters, GW grew tobacco on his lands on the Potomac and on his dower holdings (the Custis estate) on the York River, and was heavily involved in the British tobacco trade. ... Read More
Triplett, William 1730 1803 William Triplett (1730–1803) lived at Round Hill, about four miles northwest of Mount Vernon. In 1758, when GW was having extensive repairs and improvements made on his mansion house and outbuildings ... Read More
Tunnicliff, William On 21 May 1799 William Tunnicliff, who had been operating the Eastern Branch Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue between 8th and 9th streets, S.E., announced the opening of his Washington City Hotel near ... Read More