Diaries - Volume 3


Thomas Eden, brother of Maryland governor Robert Eden, owned and commanded the Annapolis, aboard which ship GW dined in May 1773.  Eden also had a trading company by the name of Thomas ... Read More

Philip Pendleton (1752–1802), an attorney, agreed with GW in June 1771 to buy 180 acres of GW’s Bullskin plantation “for £400 the Money to be paid in two years with Int[eres]t from the 25th. of ... Read More

Edward Wathing (Wathen), a cobbler, lived near Mount Vernon. He occasionally made shoes for GW's slaves and in return had work done at GW's blacksmith shop.

Penelope Manley French (born c.1739) was the sister of Harrison Manley and the wife of Daniel French (c.1723–1771), a wealthy Fairfax County planter who lived at Rose Hill, about five miles west ... Read More

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