Retirement - Volume 1


Lewis Burwell (1716-1784) of James City County, lived at Kingsmill plantation on the James River about four miles from Williamsburg, Virginia. He represented James City County in the House of ... Read More

John Lewis (1747–1825) of Fredericksburg, Va., was the eldest son of Fielding Lewis and his first wife Catherine Washington Lewis and the stepson of GW’s sister Betty Washington Lewis. His half ... Read More

Matthew Ritchie (d. 1798) of Washington County, Pa., served in the Pennsylvania legislature from 1782 to 1784. Ritchie purchased GW's Millers Run land in Washington County in 1796.

Charles Carter (1732–1806) was the son of John Carter (1690–1743) of Corotoman and nephew of Charles Carter (1707–1764) of Cleve. He inherited Shirley plantation on the James River and Corotoman  ... Read More

John Francis Mercer (1759-1821) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, and the half brother to George and James Mercer. He was commissioned a ... Read More

George Steptoe Washington (c.1773 - 1809) was the son of Samuel Washington and his fourth wife Anne Steptoe Washington, and the brother of Lawrence Augustine Washington. George Washington helped ... Read More

Charles Carter (1765–1829) was the son of Edward and Sarah Champe Carter of Blenheim. Since 1781 he had been married to GW’s niece, Betty Lewis (1765–1830). The Carters lived in Culpeper County, ... Read More

Milkey (Milkah) Trammell Pearson was the estranged wife of Simon Pearson.

Lawrence Augustine Washington (1775–1824) was the son of Samuel Washington and his fourth wife Anne Steptoe Washington, and the brother of George Steptoe Washington. George Washington helped to ... Read More

Thomas Law (1759-1834) was in the service of the East India Company from 1773 to 1791, his most important position being district collector for Bihar, and was the author of at least two pamphlets ... Read More

Simon Pearson (c.1738–1797) of Fairfax County, Virginia, sold land to GW.

Notley Young (c.1736–1802) was one of the proprietors of the Federal City. The plantation home of Young, located on the banks of the Potomac near the modern intersection of 8th and I streets, S.W ... Read More

Fielding Lewis, Sr. (1725-1781), was the son of John and Frances Fielding Lewis, of Warner Hall in Gloucester County. A prominent merchant and burgess, Lewis married GW's sister, Betty ... Read More

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