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A  craftsman whose occupation it is to construct things by joining pieces of wood; a worker in wood who does lighter and more ornamental work than that of a carpenter, as the construction of the furniture and fittings of a house, ship, etc.



Wantworth Aldon was a joiner.

Thomas Green worked at Mount Vernon at least since 1783. He was employed first as a joiner and later as overseer of the plantation carpenters. GW accused Green of misconduct, which included ... Read More

John Patterson (d. 1768) was the joiner and master carpenter who did extensive work on the house at Mount Vernon in the summer and early fall of 1758.

John Askew was a carpenter and joiner who worked for GW from 1759 to 1767.

Going Lanphier (1727-1813) was a carpenter, joiner, and housebuilder from Alexandria whom GW hired in 1759 to add a story to his house at Mount Vernon. Lanphier also performed some small tasks for ... Read More

GW owned two lots in Alexandria, no. 112 at the corner of Pitt and Prince streets and no. 118 at the corner of Pitt and Cameron streets. In 1769 he began construction of a small town house on his ... Read More

Matthew Baldridge served as a joiner at Mount Vernon for three years. For his first two years of service, GW paid Baldridge £25 sterling per year, while Baldridge received £31.10s. for the third ... Read More

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