A person who makes and repairs ditches.




Holferd Burck (Buck, Burk) did some ditching work at GW's Dogue Run Farm and possibly at the other farms at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 187, 190).

In March 1762, GW bought from his brother Samuel the indenture of Robert Haims, a white servant, who worked for a time as a ditcher at Mount Vernon. Haims, whom GW employed again in 1763, 1766, ... Read More

William Hunt worked as a ditcher at Mount Vernon in 1767. In GW's account with Hunt, he noted that in October 1767 Hunt was employed in "ditching—& cleansing the old Race at" GW ... Read More

William Gray (Grey), a mulatto, was hired for a brief time in 1772 as a ditcher on the Mount Vernon farms (see Ledger B, 58). 

John Harvey was one of the ditchers who helped to dig GW's millrace in 1770. On 1 May of that year, GW recorded in his diary that "John Harvey went to Ditchg. on my Mill Race at 1/3 pr. Rod" ( ... Read More

William Skilling, a laborer, worked for GW as early as 1767 (see Ledger A, 249). On 30 May 1767, GW paid Skilling £3, the amount GW owed him for "Sinking a Well 60 feet" (Ledger A, 249, ... Read More

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