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A partnership of two or more persons for carrying on a business; a commercial house.



In 1763 GW and several partners including Fielding Lewis and Burwell Bassett formed a company, “Adventurers for Draining the Dismal Swamp,” and the Virginia legislature empowered them to construct ... Read More

The Norfolk, Va., firm of Balfour & Barraud included among its partners merchants James Balfour and Daniel Barraud. GW sold Mount Vernon flour to the firm, though as of 1775, GW had not yet ... Read More

The firm of Crosbies & Trafford consisted of William Trafford and John Crosbie, who were merchants in Pool Lane, Liverpool, England. GW shipped tobacco to the firm by the snow Virginian ... Read More

Aitcheson & Parker was a mercantile firm in Norfolk, Va., consisting of William Aitcheson (Aitchison) and James Parker. James Alligood (Allegood) was an agent for the firm.

Carlyle & Adam was the Alexandria, Va., firm of John Carlyle and Robert Adam. This partnership, which was separate from the one Carlyle had with John Dalton, had been formed in 1764 to deal in ... Read More

Josiah Watson and Company was a firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

The mercantile firm of Andrew Clow & Co. of Manchester, England, operated a store in Philadelphia after the Revolutionary War.  In 1791, the store was located in Philadelphia at 20 South Front ... Read More

The Alexandria, Va., retail firm of John Carlyle & John Dalton was established in 1744. The partnership ended upon Dalton's death in 1777.

GW's accounts with the firm show that he did ... Read More

Peterson & Taylor was a firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

Anthony Bacon & Company was a London firm, one of the partners of which was merchant Anthony Bacon (c.1717–1786). Bacon, who was for a time a storekeeper in Maryland and a master of a tobacco ... Read More

In the fall of 1799, the firm Charles Alder & Company shipped two pipes of wine and two boxes of citron to GW. The wine and citron were shipped from Madeira aboard the ship Lavinia, ... Read More

Smith & Douglass was an Alexandria firm that purchased shad and herring from GW. On 10 May 1786, the firm bought from him 118,280 herrings and 1,342 shad for a total of £43.0.1. In return the ... Read More

Brothers Baldwin Mathews Buckner (d. 1778) and John Buckner (d. 1790), both of Gloucester County, Va., were partners in the firm of Baldwin & John Buckner, which engaged in the West Indies ... Read More

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