Colonial - Volume 6


Robert Adam (1731–1789) was born in Kilbride, Scotland, migrated to America in the early 1750s, and settled in Alexandria, Va., where he initiated a number of industries, including a tannery and ... Read More

John Barry (d. 1775) of Fairfax County, Va., lived down the Potomac from Mount Vernon and was clerk of the Truro Vestry from 1764 until 1775. He was married to Eleanor Wade Barry.

Barry ... Read More

James Gildart was an important merchant in Liverpool, England, who engaged in the tobacco trade and with whom the Custises had had dealings. GW also consigned several hogsheads of his own tobacco ... Read More

John Adams was GW’s wagon driver at the Bullskin plantation.

Thomas Bishop (c.1705–1795) came to America with Edward Braddock’s forces in 1755, and became GW’s personal military servant in the army in the fall of that year. Bishop served in that capacity  ... Read More

Joseph Javins of Fairfax County died intestate in 1760, probably in June, and two of GW’s overseers, William Poole and Richard Stephens, were among those appointed to inventory his estate.

Aitcheson & Parker was a mercantile firm in Norfolk, Va., consisting of William Aitcheson (Aitchison) and James Parker. James Alligood (Allegood) was an agent for the firm.

Gerrard (Garrard) Bowling (Bolling), a merchant and planter in Fairfax County, Va., was an inspector of tobacco at one of the public warehouses in Fairfax County.

GW's account with ... Read More

Going Lanphier (1727-1813) was a carpenter, joiner, and housebuilder from Alexandria whom GW hired in 1759 to add a story to his house at Mount Vernon. Lanphier also performed some small tasks for ... Read More

Robert Alexander (d. 1793), GW's neighbor and foxhunting companion, was the son of Col. Garrard (Gerard) Alexander of Alexandria, and the brother-in-law of GW's nephew Fielding Lewis, Jr ... Read More

Philip Bush (c.1733–1812) was a merchant in Winchester who had an ordinary in the town. Bush sometimes provided supplies for the Virginia Regiment. He also owned Upper Ferry in the 1760s.

Augustine (“Austin”) Washington (1720–1762) of Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia, was GW’s half brother. He was married to Ann Washington.

Bryan (Bryant) Allison (Alliston) was a tailor whom GW often employed until the early 1770s. Allison had come from England in 1737 as an indentured servant and served GW's father Augustine ... Read More

Mercy Chew owned a tavern in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband Joseph Chew.

John Winter was a painter. GW wrote at the end of John Winter’s personal account in Ledger A, page 54, “Jno. Winter before he had near finishd Painting my House Stole a good deal of my Paint ... Read More

John Askew was a carpenter and joiner who worked for GW from 1759 to 1767.

Thomas Dansie ran an ordinary on the Pamunkey River in Virginia, and GW often stopped there when he was traveling between Mount Vernon and Williamsburg. Dansie also had a wharf on the King William ... Read More

John David Woelpper (Wilper) was born in Germany in 1709 and had settled in Staunton, Va., by 1751. In recommending him for a captaincy in 1776, GW noted his personal acquaintance with Woelpper, ... Read More

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