Ledger C, 1790 - 1799: pg.40

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Line 14 - A bridge under construction on Duke Street in Alexandria was nearly fully constructed by late September 1797, but its completion was dependent on private subscriptions. On 4 Oct. 1797, Alexandria merchant William Hartshorne sent GW "the Subscription paper" for his consideration, and asked him to make a contribution. Two days later, GW informed Hartshorne that he was enclosing "a check upon the Bank of Alexandria for twenty five dollars". GW added that he was barred from contributing more money because his "expences" ran "high," while his "finances" were "low". See William Hartshorne to GW, 4 Oct. 1797 [Rotunda | Founders Online | Print (Retirement Series, Volume 1, pages 382-83)].

The bridge in question was likely the one across White Oak Swamp, which was known as Harrison's Gut where it emptied into Hunting Creek southwest of Alexandria.

Lines 18-20 - In his diary entry for 12 Oct. 1797, GW recorded that he accompanied both the marquis de Lafayette's son, George Washington Motier Lafayette, and the young man's tutor, Felix Frestel (Frestal), to Georgetown, where the two Frenchmen planned to "take the stage for New York to embark for France." Young Lafayette, who had fled France for the United States in 1795, wanted to return to Paris after receiving reports that his father, who had been confined in an Austrian prison, had finally been released. Young Lafayette and his tutor had been staying at Mount Vernon since GW's retirement from the presidency, which explains one reason why GW accompanied them to "the Fedl. City." GW noted in his diary that he returned home on 13 October. See Diaries, 6:236-37, 261-62. 







Ledger C, folio 40, left side



Ledger C, folio 40, right side
Year Month Day Entry Page $ ¢

To Amount Brought over


3 1797 Octr 11

To the Bank of Columbia for Interest on my Stock

4 17

To Colo. Israel Shreve pd into the hands of the Honble Jas Ross on my acct One installment for land bought of me in Fayette County, Pennsylvania Ninteen hundred & Sixty one dollars 30 Cents -

1961 30
5 18

To Mrs Peake recd from her for 2000 Herring

Year Month Day Entry Page $ ¢

By Amount brot over


Dolls Cts
3 1797 Octr 2

By Wm Silver paid him on acct of the Honble B. Goodhue, for 2 Quintals of Cod fish

19 73

By freight thereof from Salem


By Oysters

6 3

By Jno. Upwood in full for Plastering

63 13

By the Painter advanced him

8 4

By Cash gave away

9 7

By Jno. Callihan paid him for wheat



By Wm Keating pd him for weaving





47 11
12 x 8

By Geo. W. La Fayette gave him for Doctr Smith President of Princeton college, to cover all the rectors demands against me on acct of G.W. Custis


By Geo. W. La Fayette gave him to defray his exps to France <a Check on> the Bank of Alexandria

14 [*] 6th

By Subscription to the building of a Bridge <in> Alexandria (omitted

15 10

By John C. Ehler paid him in full of all accts

115 51
16 11

By a Whip thong, <s>lash


By James Anderson to be accd for

18 [*]

By toll & ferriage to George Town

1 45

By Tavern exps at George Town

7 40
20 12

By Servts & exps returning from George Town

2 10

By One per <illegible> Irons

2 83
22 16

By Taxes pd the Sheriff of Fairfax County

51 28
23 17

By Doctr Stuart pd him for a horse ought of Alexa Cleveland

133 37
24 18

By Mrs Peakes pd her for 27 29/60 buss wheat

32 6