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Robert Adam (1731–1789) was born in Kilbride, Scotland, migrated to America in the early 1750s, and settled in Alexandria, Va., where he initiated a number of industries, including a tannery and ... Read More

William Blackwell, a sheriff in Fauquier County, Va., made distresses for rent on several of GW's tenants in that county, but received no money (see Ledger B, 132).

Nathaniel Littleton Savage (1723–1786) was a merchant, planter, and speculator of Northampton County, Virginia. Before the Revolutionary War he served as both a county sheriff and a justice of the ... Read More

Daniel Jenifer Adams (1751–1796), of Port Tobacco, Charles County, Md., entered, in 1772, into a trading partnership with GW, Samuel Brodie, and John Carlyle, whereby flour refined at GW's and ... Read More

Sampson Darrell (d. 1777) was from Fairfax County, Va., where he served for a time as sheriff. He had also served with the rank of captain in the Fairfax County militia during the French and ... Read More

In early Virginia, one of the duties of the sheriff was to collect public, county, and often parish levies. This was also the case in Fairfax County, where GW's estate at Mount Vernon was located ... Read More

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