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Edward Agar was the captain of the ship Thomas, on which GW shipped tobacco.

Captain Coolidge may be Judson Coolidge of Maryland, who in the early 1760s was captain of the ship Wilson. In 1771, some of GW's herring was shipped to Jamaica on board the brig ... Read More

William McGachen (McGachin) was a sea captain with whom GW had dealings for a number of years. He was captain of the "convict Ship" Phoenix, which was owned by Stewart & Campbell of ... Read More

William Buddicum (Buddecome) was a ship captain.  In 1768, when he was master of the snow Virginia, Buddicum sometimes carried letters from GW to correspondents in England. 

Thomas Eden, brother of Maryland governor Robert Eden, owned and commanded the Annapolis, aboard which ship GW dined in May 1773.  Eden also had a trading company by the name of Thomas ... Read More

Richard Yates was a ship captain. He was the master of the Lawrence and Jane, by which vessel the London firm of Robert Cary & Company shipped goods to GW in 1759. The ship ... Read More

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