Also referred to as a cobbler, a shoemaker was in the buisness of making and/or mending shoes.




William Armstrong was a shoemaker. GW's business and farm manager Lund Washington paid Armstrong on several occasions for making shoes, including those for slaves (see, for instance, Ledger B, 155 ... Read More

Baptiste Hamilton (referred to in one entry as "Tenison Baptist Hamilton") was a shoemaker who made shoes for the slaves at Mount Vernon, especially during the mid-1780s and early 1790s (see ... Read More

Edward Wathing (Wathen), a cobbler, lived near Mount Vernon. He occasionally made shoes for GW's slaves and in return had work done at GW's blacksmith shop.

Joe Gavin made shoes for slaves (see Ledger B, 156).

William Scripps (1749-1823) had an unsuccessful shoemaking business in his native England, and in 1791 he decided to emigrate to America. He settled in Alexandria, Va., where he worked as a boot ... Read More

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