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Thomas Alford (Alfred) appears to have been an apprentice to miller William Roberts at GW's mill. During the fall of 1775, Roberts and Alford were employed for several weeks in repairing the ... Read More

Jacob Jonus (Jonas) served as GW's cook for about 18 months while GW was serving as colonel of the Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War (see Ledger A, 42).

Richard Burnet Walker, whose tenure at Mount Vernon began in 1783, was a “House keeper,” or steward. When hired to work at Mount Vernon in 1783, he went by the name of Richard Burnet. While it is ... Read More

Philip Carberry (Carbury) was a merchant and baker in Norfolk, Virginia.

In 1771, GW received payment from Carberry for several barrels of ship stuff that GW sold him (see Ledger A, 340). ... Read More

Andrew Watts Wales (c.1737–1799) was a brewer in Alexandria, Virginia. Wales owned a brewery and distillery on South Water Street and a tavern on Union Street in Alexandria.

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