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Name Birth Death Occupation
O'Kelly, John B. John B. O'Kelly of Alexandria was a dance instructor. In the latter 1780s, O'Kelly gave dance lessons to GW's nephews Lawrence Augustine and George Steptoe Washington (see Ledger B, 276). Harriot ... Read More
Oram, James James Oram lived in Fairfax County, Virginia. In June 1768 GW bought from Oram “a Portmanteau horse” for John Parke Custis (see Ledger A, 274; see also Guardian Accounts, 5 May 1769). Oram made ... Read More
Orr, John 1726 John Orr (b. 1726) was a Scottish merchant who settled first in Westmoreland and then in Fairfax County, Virginia. In 1766, Orr carried a cash payment to GW from John Relfe of Philadelphia (see ... Read More
Oswald, Eleazer 1795 A native of Falmouth, England, Eleazer Oswald (d. 1795) had immigrated to America in 1770, and was apprenticed to John Holt, the printer of the New-York Journal. During the Revolutionary War, he ... Read More