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Name Birth Death Occupation
Rakestraw, Joseph c. 1732 1794 Joseph Rakestraw (c.1732-1794) was a Philadelphia carpenter. He was listed in that city's 1793 directory as a "house carpenter" at "138, Mulberry St." (James Hardie, The Philadelphia Directory and ... Read More
Ramsay, Andrew Andrew Ramsay was a merchant in Alexandria. He and William Ramsay were twin sons of Patrick and Elizabeth Ramsay. Andrew was the husband of Catherine Graham Ramsay (d. 1844), daughter of Richard ... Read More
Randolph, John c. 1728 1784 John Randolph (c.1728-1784) practiced law in Williamsburg. He also served as attorney general of the colony of Virginia from 1766 to 1774 and was an outspoken Loyalist during the Revolutionary War. ... Read More
Ransom, Joseph Joseph Ransom occasionally worked at GW's mill. In September 1760 Ransom had earned 15 shillings for “10 days working at my Mill @ 1/6. pr Day” (Ledger A, 110).
Rawlins, John 1787 John Rawlins (d. 1787), a stucco worker, or plasterer, was originally from England but was now living in Maryland. Recommended by GW’s former aide, Tench Tilghman, Rawlins had come to Mount Vernon in ... Read More
Ridout, Thomas 1754 1829 Born in Dorsetshire, England, Thomas Ridout (1754-1829), was a resident of Annapolis, Md., for several years.  In December 1784, GW wrote a letter of introduction on behalf of Ridout, who was looking ... Read More
Rigdon, Edward 1772 GW owned two lots in Alexandria, no. 112 at the corner of Pitt and Prince streets and no. 118 at the corner of Pitt and Cameron streets. In 1769 he began construction of a small town house on his ... Read More
Rind, William 1773 Printer William Rind (d. 1773) entered into partnership in 1758 with Jonas Green, whom he helped publish the Maryland Gazette (Annapolis). In 1766 Rind established his Virginia Gazette in ... Read More
Ritchie, Matthew 1798 Matthew Ritchie (d. 1798) of Washington County, Pa., served in the Pennsylvania legislature from 1782 to 1784. Ritchie purchased GW's Millers Run land in Washington County in 1796.
Robinson, Andrew During the 1760s Andrew Robinson used GW's blacksmith and in return he sometimes worked for GW, making fishing nets and repairing seines (see Ledger A, 196). He continued doing some of this work ... Read More
Robinson, Michael 1784 Michael Robinson (d. 1784), of Spotsylvania County, Va., was for many years an inspector of tobacco at Fredericksburg. GW bought from Robinson for £275 a house on a double lot (lots 107 and 108) in ... Read More
Romaine (Romine), Peter Peter Romaine (Romine) began leasing GW’s 120-acre lot no. 1 in Fauquier County, Va., at £4 per annum, in the early 1770s (see Ledger B, 74).  Romaine later ran away.
Ross, Alexander GW noted in May 1766 selling Alexander Ross of Maryland 10,000 shingles  at $3 or “17/3 Virga C[urrenc]y pr thousand” and, on 29 Oct. 1766,  receiving “30 Dollars" in cash (Ledger A, 235).
Ross, Hector Hector Ross was a merchant of Colchester, Virginia. GW did a considerable amount of business with him since his establishment served as a store of convenience for clothing and other necessities for ... Read More