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Name Birth Death Occupation
Cahoon, James GW made a survey on 21 March 1752 for James Cahoon for 88 acres on Lost River, the upper portion of the Cacapon River (Va., now W.Va.).
Camm, John c. 1717 1779 Rev. John Camm (c.1717-1779) was an Anglican priest who was a professor of divinity in the College of William and Mary from 1749 to 1757 and from 1763 to 1771. He also served as the college's ... Read More
Campbell, John John Campbell of Jamaica and later of Williamsburg, Va., married Martha Washington’s widowed first cousin, Mary Dandridge Spotswood. In March 1759 GW lent £10 to Campbell, which the latter repaid ... Read More
Cannon, John (saddler) John Cannon was a saddler with whom GW had an account for some years (see Ledger A, 251; see also Ledger B, 22).
Canon (Cannon), John c. 1740 1798 John Canon (Cannon; c.1740-1798) of Washington County, Pa., owned a substantial tract of land on Chartiers Creek near GW’s Millers Run lands. He was a justice for the Virginia district of West ... Read More
Carberry (Carbury), Philip Philip Carberry (Carbury) was a merchant and baker in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1771, GW received payment from Carberry for several barrels of ship stuff that GW sold him (see Ledger A, 340).
Carlin, William From 1764 until about 1772, William Carlin of Alexandria, Va., made clothes for GW, his stepchildren John and Martha Parke Custis, and for some of the Mount Vernon house servants.
Carlyle & Adam (firm) Carlyle & Adam was the Alexandria, Va., firm of John Carlyle and Robert Adam. This partnership, which was separate from the one Carlyle had with John Dalton, had been formed in 1764 to deal in ... Read More
Carlyle & Dalton (firm) The Alexandria, Va., retail firm of John Carlyle & John Dalton was established in 1744. The partnership ended upon Dalton's death in 1777. GW's accounts with the firm show that he did ... Read More
Carlyle, John 1720 1780 John Carlyle (1720–1780) of Scotland was a prominent merchant of Alexandria, Va., and one of the founders of that city. He was a partner in the Alexandria firms of Carlyle & Adam and of Carlyle ... Read More
Carney, Daniel Daniel Carney had smith's work done at Mount Vernon in 1760 (see Ledger A, 87). GW's accounts indicate that Daniel may have been somehow related to John Carney (see Ledger A, 136).
Carney, John John Carney was a tenant on Clifton's Neck after GW bought land there in 1760. Carney remained there until GW bought out his lease in 1765. While Carney was a tenant, he paid GW an annual rental ... Read More
Carter, Charles (of Corotoman and Shirley) 1732 1806 Charles Carter (1732–1806) was the son of John Carter (1690–1743) of Corotoman and nephew of Charles Carter (1707–1764) of Cleve. He inherited Shirley plantation on the James River and Corotoman on ... Read More
Carter, Charles (of Culpeper County, Va.) 1765 1829 Charles Carter (1765–1829) was the son of Edward and Sarah Champe Carter of Blenheim. Since 1781 he had been married to GW’s niece, Betty Lewis (1765–1830). The Carters lived in Culpeper County, Va ... Read More
Carter, George, Estate of George Carter, the youngest son of Robert “King” Carter, died intestate in England c.1742. To settle his estate the Virginia legislature passed an act in 1744 directing trustees to sell Carter’s ... Read More
Cary, Robert Robert Cary was a merchant who acted for a time as one of GW's agents in London. Cary was a partner in the firm of Robert Cary & Company, the major London merchant house for the Custis ... Read More
Cary, Wilson Miles 1734 1817 Wilson Miles Cary (1734-1817), a brother of GW's friend Sarah Cary Fairfax, owned several estates, including Ceelys and Carysbrook in Elizabeth City County, Va., and Richneck in Warwick County, ... Read More
Cash Interspersed in the ledgers among the individual accounts are GW's cash accounts in which he recorded his cash intake ("Cash") and his cash expenditures ("Contra").
Cash, Joseph Joseph Cash was a planter who resided in Fairfax County, Va., in the neighborhood of Mount Vernon.
Chamberlayne, Wilhelmina Byrd 1715 Wilhelmina Byrd Chamberlayne (b. 1715), daughter of Lucy Parke and William Byrd II, was married to Thomas Chamberlayne. In January 1772 GW entered in his accounts, “To Jno. Robinson Esqr. for ... Read More
Charles Alder & Company (firm) In the fall of 1799, the firm Charles Alder & Company shipped two pipes of wine and two boxes of citron to GW. The wine and citron were shipped from Madeira aboard the ship Lavinia, which arrived ... Read More
Chew, Joseph Joseph Chew, who with his wife Mercy Chew operated a tavern in Alexandria.
Chew, Mercy 1755 Mercy Chew owned a tavern in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband Joseph Chew.
Chowning, John In 1763 John Chowning became overseer of the dower plantation called Bridge Quarter, located in York County, Virginia. The following year he began serving as overseer of River farm at Mount Vernon.
Cleveland, Alexander Alexander Cleveland was overseer of Muddy Hole farm in 1765, and was later an overseer at the River farm plantation.
Cleveland, James In 1765 James Cleveland of Loudoun County, Va., began working as the overseer of GW’s River farm on Clifton’s Neck. He served in that capacity until before the Revolution, when Alexander Cleveland ... Read More
Cleveland, Oliver Oliver Cleveland was one of the overseers at the Mount Vernon farms. In December 1774, Cleveland owed GW for the cost the latter had incurred for the fabrication of a coat by a tailor. The amount ... Read More
Clifton, Elizabeth Brent 1773 Elizabeth Brent Clifton (d. 1773) was the daughter of Robert Brent of Woodstock, Stafford County, Va., and the cousin and wife of William Clifton, from whom GW had acquired his Clifton’s Neck land in ... Read More
Clifton, William c. 1704 c. 1770 William Clifton (c.1704-c.1770) was descended from an English Roman Catholic family, several branches of which began leaving England for Maryland and Virginia in the mid-seventeenth century. William ... Read More
Clinton, George 1739 1812 George Clinton (1739–1812), a native of Ulster County, N.Y., and a lawyer by profession, was elected to the Second Continental Congress, where he took his seat with the New York delegation in May ... Read More
Clyman (Clymer, Clymant), Deel Deel Clyman (Clymer, Clymant) of Frederick County, Md., leased, on 17 March 1769, lot no. 19, a 160-acre tract in Fauquier County, Virginia. The lot was part of a 2,682-acre tract in Fauquier and ... Read More
Cockburn, Martin Martin Cockburn was the son of Dr. Thomas and Rachel Moore Cockburn, of Jamaica. He settled in Virginia and owned an estate called Springfield, near Colchester. Cockburn served on the Truro Parish ... Read More
Cockburn, Thomas c. 1769 Dr. Thomas Cockburn, formerly of Jamaica, resided in Fairfax County, Va., during the 1760s. He had at least two sons, Martin and James. Thomas died sometime before 25 Jan. 1769 (see Robert Stewart to ... Read More
Collett, Moses In 1773 Moses Collett leased GW’s Bullskin lot no. 2, containing 200 acres, at an annual rate of £6 for “three lives.” After Collett’s death, which occurred sometime before 1 Oct. 1783, his eldest ... Read More
Colvill, Frances (Francina) 1773 Frances (Francina) Colvill (d. 1773) was the wife of Thomas Colvill and was, along with GW, one of the executors to his estate. In his will, Thomas provided that Frances's niece, Sarah Savin, who ... Read More
Connel (Connell), Zachariah GW frequently used Zachariah Connel in 1765 as a wagoner from his Bullskin plantation.
Connell, James James Connell was a cabinetmaker who worked on GW’s house that had been built on the lot at Pitt and Cameron streets in Alexandria, Virginia. GW had purchased that lot in 1764.
Cook (Cooke), Josias By 1761 Josias Cook (Cooke) was serving as an overseer at Creek farm (also called Creek plantation), which consisted in a farm on Little Hunting Creek that had been turned into a Mount Vernon quarter ... Read More
Coolidge, Judson Captain Coolidge may be Judson Coolidge of Maryland, who in the early 1760s was captain of the ship Wilson. In 1771, some of GW's herring was shipped to Jamaica on board the brig Adventure, which was ... Read More
Corbin, Lettice (Letitia) Lee c. 1715 1768 Lettice, or Letitia, Corbin (c.1715–1768) was the sister of George Lee, Ann Fairfax Washington’s second husband, and the widow of John Corbin (1715–1757) of Portobago, Essex County, Virginia. GW ... Read More
Coulter (Colter), Thomas In October 1763, GW credited a Thomas Colter with 12 shillings, 6 pence that Colter paid in cash for one barrel of corn (see Ledger A, 157, 167). Colter may be the Thomas Coulter who lived in Fairfax ... Read More
Courts, William William Courts kept an inn, commonly called the Stone House, at the ferry landing in Colchester, Virginia. GW occasionally dined at the inn. In late 1772, Courts owed GW 16 shillings and eight pence ... Read More
Cowper, John John Cowper, a merchant in Portsmouth, Virginia, was made the manager at Portsmouth “for receiving and entering subscriptions” to a new Dismal Swamp Company, created in December 1787 by an act of the ... Read More
Cox, Presley 1783 Presley Cox (d. 1783) of Fairfax County, Va., occasionally visited Mount Vernon and made use of the blacksmith there (see Ledger A, 196). Cox, who was married to Elizabeth Cox (d. 1792), was elected ... Read More
Craig (Craik), Charles Charles Craig (Craik) rented a quarter at Mount Vernon from 1756 until 1760.
Craik, James 1730 1814 James Craik (1730–1814), a native of Scotland, studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and subsequently went to the West Indies as a British army surgeon. Thereafter, he moved to Norfolk, Va ... Read More
Crawford, Hannah Vance Hannah Vance Crawford was married to William Crawford (1732-1782), GW's personal friend and business associate who had served with GW in the French and Indian War. William's death and the ... Read More
Crawford, Valentine 1777 Valentine Crawford (d. 1777), who lived for a time near GW's Bullskin plantation in Frederick County (later Berkeley County, Va. [now W.Va.]), was the brother of Col. William Crawford (1732–1782 ... Read More
Crawford, William 1732 1782 William Crawford (1732-1782), brother of Valentine Crawford and husband to Hannah Vance Crawford, was, in 1755, commissioned an ensign in the company of scouts attached to the Virginia Regiment. ... Read More
Crook, John John Crook, who began renting a farm in the original Mount Vernon tract in 1755, continued as GW's tenant until 1767.