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Name Birth Death Occupation
Keen, James In 1777, GW paid James Keen £18 for 80 bushels of wheat (see Ledger B, 149). This may be the same James Keen (Kean) who lived in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Kelly, Nelson Nelson Kelly rented from GW on 20 Feb. 1762 the 135–acre farm on Dogue Run at Mount Vernon that GW bought from George Ashford in January 1762. In September 1762 Kelly, a planter, agreed to serve as ... Read More
Kennedy, David David Kennedy of Winchester, Va., rose to the rank of lieutenant in GW’s Virginia Regiment in the 1750s and served for a time as its assistant commissary and quartermaster. Between 1766 and 1773 ... Read More
Kercheval (Kerchevell; Kirchwall; Kirkwall), William William Kercheval leased a 172 acre tract on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia.
Kerlin, Joseph In late 1772 Joseph Kerlin leased lot no. 4 “in the Barrens of Bullskin” on GW's Bullskin Run land for his life and the lives of his wife Philis and their son Peter. The lot contained 200 acres and ... Read More
Knight, Humphrey 1758 Humphrey Knight was overseer of GW's farms at Mount Vernon in 1757 and 1758 until his death in the fall of 1758. When closing out his account with the deceased Knight, GW wrote: “Note, this ... Read More
Knowland, Ann Ann Knowland acted as a midwife. In July 1769, GW paid her "for delivering D[ogue] R[un] Moll" (Ledger A, 291).
Knowland, James James Knowland made occasional use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 81).
Knowles, John c. 1790 John Knowles and his wife Rachael were two indentured servants bought by GW for £45.6.8 in 1774 (see Ledger B, 119). John worked for GW as a bricklayer in the mid–1770s, and payments were made to ... Read More
Knowles, Rachael Rachael Knowles and her husband, John, were indentured servants purchased by GW for £45.6.8 in 1774 (see Ledger B, 119).  In 1789 GW hired Rachael to be a household servant for one year. Her husband ... Read More
Knox, Thomas Thomas Knox was a merchant in Bristol, England.  In 1757 GW sent eight hogsheads of tobacco to Knox aboard the King of Prussia, for which he showed credit from Knox of £42.2.5 sterling. At the end of ... Read More