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Name Birth Death Occupation
Valentine, Joseph 1771 Joseph Valentine (d. 1771), who was in charge of all the Custis estates when GW married Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759, stayed on as the “Common Steward” for both John Parke Custis’s inherited ... Read More
Van Braam, Jacob 1725 1784 Jacob Van Braam (1725-1784) was born in Holland and came to America in 1752. By 1753 he had settled in Fredericksburg where, with GW, he was a member of the Fredericksburg Masonic Lodge. In that year ... Read More
Vestal, John Key’s (Keyes’) ferry on the Shenandoah River, about four miles east of Happy Retreat, had been authorized by the General Assembly in 1748 to run between William Fairfax’s land on the east bank and ... Read More
Vine, James James Vine made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 116).
Violet (Violette), Edward 1773 Edward Violet (Violette; d. 1773) was overseer at Muddy Hole until he moved to the Bullskin plantation in 1762.
Violet (Violette), Elinor Elinor Violet managed the dairy and made butter at Muddy Hole farm, of which her huband, Edward, was overseer of at the time.
Vobe, Jane c. 1789 Jane Vobe (died c.1789) operated a well-furnished tavern in Williamsburg on Waller Street near the theater, and according to a traveler who had stopped there four years earlier, it was a place “where ... Read More
Vowell, Thomas Thomas Vowell was an Alexandria wholesale merchant. In 1787 he sold clothes and dry goods at a store on King Street near Royal Street. Vowell had a store on Harper's Wharf in 1790, during which year ... Read More