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Name Birth Death Occupation
Babb, Philip 1731 1762 Philip Babb (1731–1762) was a planter in Frederick County, Virginia. At the time of his death, Babb owned the plantation Great Marsh in the county and a house and lot in Winchester, Virginia.
Backhouse, John John Backhouse was a Liverpool merchant involved in the Virginia trade. In 1762 Backhouse sent salt to GW.  His ship, the Marlborough, William Quinney master, entered the Rappahannock River with the ... Read More
Bailey, Thomas Thomas Bailey worked on GW’s millrace in 1770. He also had some work done at the Mount Vernon blacksmith shop (see Ledger A, 130).
Baldridge, Matthew (Mathew) Matthew Baldridge served as a joiner at Mount Vernon for three years. For his first two years of service, GW paid Baldridge £25 sterling per year, while Baldridge received £31.10s. for the third year ... Read More
Baldwin & John Buckner (firm) Brothers Baldwin Mathews Buckner (d. 1778) and John Buckner (d. 1790), both of Gloucester County, Va., were partners in the firm of Baldwin & John Buckner, which engaged in the West Indies trade ... Read More
Balfour & Barraud (firm) The Norfolk, Va., firm of Balfour & Barraud included among its partners merchants James Balfour and Daniel Barraud. GW sold Mount Vernon flour to the firm, though as of 1775, GW had not yet ... Read More
Ball, John (millwright) John Ball, of Frederick County, Va., was a millwright. GW made an agreement on 30 Dec. 1769 with Ball to build his new merchant mill, and Ball began work in April 1770. Ball was paid off in ... Read More
Ballendine, John 1782 John Ballendine (d. 1782) of Prince William County, Va., was an enthusiastic promoter, builder, and operator of a series of mills, ironworks, and canals. He later had a furnace, forge, and saw mills ... Read More
Ballinger (Ballenger), Francis Francis Ballinger (Ballenger) leased GW's lot no. 5 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, following the ... Read More
Ballinger (Ballenger), James James Ballinger (Ballenger) was leasing the 120-acre lot no. 4 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, ... Read More
Banister, John 1734 1788 John Banister (1734–1788) was a planter and lawyer whose estate Battersea was near Petersburg in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1765 to 1775 and in the ... Read More
Barnes, Abraham (of Fairfax County, Va.) 1785 Abraham Barnes (d. 1785), a planter in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Va., was married to Sarah Ball McCarty, widow of Denis McCarty of Cedar Grove, Fairfax County. GW made inquiries to Barnes ... Read More
Barnes, Abraham (of Md.) c. 1778 Abraham Barnes (died c.1778) resided for many years in St. Mary's County, Maryland. He was a merchant, who held several public offices. Barnes was also engaged for a time in military service, ... Read More
Barnes, Sarah Ball McCarty 1786 Sarah Ball McCarty Barnes (d. 1786) was the daughter of Col. William Ball of Northampton County and thus a distant relation to GW. After the death in 1742 of her first husband, Denis McCarty, of ... Read More
Barrett, Edward In February 1762, Edward Barrett of Fairfax County, Va., paid 12s. 9d. for Valinda Wade, who lived with her three daughters on a tract of land adjoining Mount Vernon’s Mill farm (see Ledger A, 93).
Barry, John 1775 John Barry (d. 1775) of Fairfax County, Va., lived down the Potomac from Mount Vernon and was clerk of the Truro Vestry from 1764 until 1775. He was married to Eleanor Wade Barry. Barry for many ... Read More
Bateman (Bater, Bottiman), Philip Philip Bateman was a gardener at Mount Vernon for many years whose indenture GW purchased for £35 in 1773. Lund Washington wrote GW on 1 Oct. 1783: “As to Bateman (the Old Gardener) I have no ... Read More
Bayliss, William In 1771, GW paid a William Bayliss for "laying an Axe" (see Ledger A, 353). He may be the William Baylis of Fairfax County, Va., who was elected a vestryman for Truro Parish in 1765. 
Bayly, William 1715 1782 William Bayly (1715-1782), an original settler of Colchester in the late 1750s, operated a tavern there. He later became the proprietor of the Colchester tobacco warehouse.
Bazell, Hosea Hosea Bazell worked on GW’s millrace, and on 21 Sept. 1760 he received from GW £2.8.9 for "32½ days" work (Ledger A, 102).
Beard, John John Beard served for a time as GW's wagoner during the French and Indian War (see Ledger A, 32).
Beaton, William William Beaton was a weaver. In late December 1776, GW's account with Lund Washington shows that a payment was made to Beaton in the amount of £7 (see Ledger B, 147).
Beedy, John GW employed John Beedy throughout the 1760s to dress and tan hides.
Bernard, James  James Bernard leased GW’s Frederick (now Berkeley) County lot no. 6 on Evitts Run at the “head of Worthington Marsh.” Anthony Gholson took over the rent of that lot in 1768.
Bernard, Sarah Savin Sarah Savin of Maryland was the niece of Thomas Colvill's wife, Frances (Francina). In 1767 she married William Bernard (1730–1782), a lawyer in King George County, Virginia. In his will, Thomas ... Read More
Berry, James James Berry made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 87).
Biddle, Clement 1740 1814 Philadelphia merchant Clement Biddle (1740-1814) served during the Revolutionary War as commissary general of forage for the Continental army with the rank of colonel, 1777-80, and as quartermaster ... Read More
Bishop, Thomas c. 1705 1795 Thomas Bishop (c.1705–1795) came to America with Edward Braddock’s forces in 1755, and became GW’s personal military servant in the army in the fall of that year. Bishop served in that capacity  ... Read More
Blackwell, William William Blackwell, a sheriff in Fauquier County, Va., made distresses for rent on several of GW's tenants in that county, but received no money (see Ledger B, 132).
Bloxham, James c. 1793 James Bloxham (died c.1793) came from England in April 1786 to serve as GW’s farm manager and was generally referred to by GW as “my Farmer.” Before coming to the United States Bloxham worked for ... Read More
Bloxham, Mary Mary Bloxham was the wife of James Bloxham with whom she had at least 2 daughters and 2 sons.
Boggess, Henry Henry Boggess owned land in Fairfax County, Va., and across the line in Loudoun County. Boggess's name was listed among the vestrymen selected for Truro Parish in July 1765. GW's account with Lund ... Read More
Boggess, Robert c. 1773 Robert Boggess (died c.1773) lived at La Grange, in Fairfax County, at the head of Pohick Creek. He served for several years as a vestryman and church warden of Truro Parish (see Slaughter, Truro ... Read More
Boseley (Bozley), Thomas Thomas Boseley (Bozley) owned land in Fairfax County, Virginia. Boseley relined GW's riding chair in 1763, and in June of the following year, GW paid him for a wild goose (see Ledger A, 93, 178).
Boucher, Johnathan 1738 1804 Jonathan Boucher (1738–1804) of England came to the United States in 1759, but two years later went to London to obtain ordination as an Anglican minister, which he received in January 1762.  Boucher ... Read More
Bowler, William A general account of the estate of Daniel Parke Custis, dated c.October 1759, includes the following: "By Protested Bills for Wm Bowler’s Excha. on Jas Gildart Esqr. dated July 11th 1754 & ... Read More
Bowling, Gerrard Gerrard (Garrard) Bowling (Bolling), a merchant and planter in Fairfax County, Va., was an inspector of tobacco at one of the public warehouses in Fairfax County. GW's account with Bowling shows ... Read More
Brasenton (Brazington), Samuel Samuel Brasenton (Brazington) and his wife made leather clothing and goods for GW. GW recorded having received from Brasenton in February 1761 “3 pair Leather Breeches,” totaling £3.18 (Ledger A, 81 ... Read More
Brent, Henry 1709 1769 Henry Brent (1709-1769) was a brother-in-law of William Clifton. Clifton had purchased from Brent his 1806–acre tract of land in the Neck and a 555–acre tract in the forks of Little Hunting Creek. ... Read More
Bronaugh, William 1730 c. 1800 William Bronaugh (1730-c.1800), a first cousin of George Mason, held the rank of ensign at Fort Necessity and after the capitulation was given the rank of lieutenant, dated 20 July 1754. He took part ... Read More
Brown, William c. 1748 1792 Born in Haddingtonshire, Scotland, William Brown (c.1748–1792) spent his early years in Maryland, but began practicing medicine in Alexandria, Va., soon after receiving his medical degree from the ... Read More
Bruin, Bryan Bryan Bruin lived in Winchester. In 1771 he put up for sale 20,000 acres of land lying mostly in Frederick and Hampshire counties.
Brummitt (Brumit), William 1713 William Brummitt (Brumit; b. 1713) lived on the east bank of Dogue Run just above Mount Vernon. He made occasional use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger B, 76). Brummitt also paid GW for ... Read More
Buckler, Benjamin Benjamin Buckler of Maryland removed to Fairfax County, Va., at some point before 25 Feb. 1771, at which time he entered into an agreement with GW to work as a carpenter and to perform other types of ... Read More
Buckner, Samuel, Estate of c. 1764 Samuel Buckner (died c.1764) of Gloucester County, Va., was a justice from 1748-59. His first wife was probably Ann Alexander. After her death, Samuel married Mary Timson (see Crozier, Buckners, 167- ... Read More
Buddicum (Buddecome), William William Buddicum (Buddecome) was a ship captain.  In 1768, when he was master of the snow Virginia, Buddicum sometimes carried letters from GW to correspondents in England. 
Bullitt, Thomas 1730 1778 Thomas Bullitt (1730-1778) served during the French and Indian War as a cadet with GW at Fort Necessity in 1754. In July of that year, he was commissioned an ensign, and was among the men later ... Read More
Burck (Buck, Burk), Holferd Holferd Burck (Buck, Burk) did some ditching work at GW's Dogue Run Farm and possibly at the other farms at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 187, 190).
Burris (Burrus, Bhurras), Thomas Thomas Burris served in George Mercer's company during the Fort Necessity campaign. He was occasionally employed by GW as a messenger or courier between the frontier forts, Alexandria, and Mount ... Read More
Burwell, Lewis 1716 1784 Lewis Burwell (1716-1784) of James City County, lived at Kingsmill plantation on the James River about four miles from Williamsburg, Virginia. He represented James City County in the House of ... Read More