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Name Birth Death Occupation
Bush, Philip c. 1733 1812 Philip Bush (c.1733–1812) was a merchant in Winchester who had an ordinary in the town. Bush sometimes provided supplies for the Virginia Regiment. He also owned Upper Ferry in the 1760s.
Butcher, John c. 1747 1811 In 1775, Lund Washington paid £2.2.6 to the account of John Butcher, who had apparently provided GW with "Nots &c." (see Ledger B, 142; see also Lund Washington to GW, 14 Nov. 1775, in Papers, ... Read More
Butler, James James Butler of Ireland was hired by GW in Philadelphia in 1792 as overseer at the Home House, or Mansion House, plantation at Mount Vernon. Although Butler came with good references, GW had doubts ... Read More
Byrd (Bird), Thomas Thomas Byrd (Bird) worked on GW's mill and millrace in 1770. He also mowed grass, helped to harvest GW's wheat, and produced and repaired agricultural implements such as cradles (see Ledger ... Read More
Byrd, William, III 1728 1777 William Byrd III (1728–1777) was appointed, in the mid-1750s, a member of the Virginia Council. He lived at his family’s James River plantation called Westover, located in Charles City County, ... Read More