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Name Birth Death Occupation
Crosbies & Trafford The firm of Crosbies & Trafford consisted of William Trafford and John Crosbie, who were merchants in Pool Lane, Liverpool, England. GW shipped tobacco to the firm by the snow Virginian, which ... Read More
Crow, Hiland Hiland Crow was hired in 1790 as overseer of Ferry and French's farm.
Crump, Turner Turner Crump was the overseer of GW’s slave carpenters. According to GW's account with Crump in Ledger A, 121, Crump was entitled to £30 for “your hire for looking after my Carpenters one year ... Read More
Crump, William William Crump lived for a time at Clifton's Neck, Va., but moved out soon after GW purchased it in 1760.  Crump made some use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon in the early 1760s. In June 1763 GW ... Read More
Custis, John Parke 1754 1781 John Parke Custis (1754–1781), called Jack or Jacky by his relatives and friends, was Martha Washington’s son by her first marriage and the principal heir to the large Custis estate. GW became Jacky’ ... Read More
Custis, Martha Parke ("Patsy") 1756 1773 Martha Parke (Patsy) Custis (1756–1773) was the daughter of Martha Dandridge Custis (later Martha Washington) and her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis. Patsy, along with her brother John Parke ... Read More