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Francis Ballinger (Ballenger) leased GW's lot no. 5 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, following ... Read More

George Dunnington was GW's tenant in Charles County, Md., on land that GW acquired as settlement in a dispute with Daniel Jenifer Adams. In the 1790 census Dunnington is listed as head of a ... Read More

From 1755 through 1759 William Nations (d. 1760) rented a quarter from GW for 1,000 pounds of tobacco per year. After his death, Nations's horse was sold to pay the rent still owed GW (see ... Read More

James Ballinger (Ballenger) was leasing the 120-acre lot no. 4 in Fauquier County, Va., in 1769. The lot was part of the 2,682–acre tract in Fauquier and Loudoun counties purchased by GW in 1767, ... Read More

John Dyer leased from GW in 1769 lots 13 and 14 in Fauquier and Loudoun counties in Virginia. The lots, which contained a total of 227 acres, were part of the 2,682–acre tract in those counties ... Read More

William Peterson leased land from GW.

 James Bernard leased GW’s Frederick (now Berkeley) County lot no. 6 on Evitts Run at the “head of Worthington Marsh.” Anthony Gholson took over the rent of that lot in 1768.

Jacob Fry leased from GW 200 acres of land on the South Fork of Bullskin Run for an annual rent of £6. On 1 March 1773, GW received by his brother Samuel Washington payment for the tract which had ... Read More

Thomas Petit rented a Mount Vernon quarter from GW in 1759 and 1760, after which he disappears from GW’s records.

Born in Haddingtonshire, Scotland, William Brown (c.1748–1792) spent his early years in Maryland, but began practicing medicine in Alexandria, Va., soon after receiving his medical degree from the ... Read More

Anthony Gholson (Gholston) rented a 113-acre parcel (lot no. 6) of GW’s Frederick (Berkeley) County land on Evitts Run above Worthington’s Marsh from 1768 until at least as late as 1786. Gholson’s ... Read More

Peter Romaine (Romine) began leasing GW’s 120-acre lot no. 1 in Fauquier County, Va., at £4 per annum, in the early 1770s (see Ledger B, 74).  Romaine later ran away.

Thomas Bullitt (1730-1778) served during the French and Indian War as a cadet with GW at Fort Necessity in 1754. In July of that year, he was commissioned an ensign, and was among the men later ... Read More

Christopher Gist (c.1706–1759), a prominent figure on the Virginia-Pennsylvania frontier, was born in Maryland. After early experience in surveying and exploration, he was living in northwestern ... Read More

Key’s (Keyes’) ferry on the Shenandoah River, about four miles east of Happy Retreat, had been authorized by the General Assembly in 1748 to run between William Fairfax’s land on the east bank and ... Read More

John Carney was a tenant on Clifton's Neck after GW bought land there in 1760. Carney remained there until GW bought out his lease in 1765. While Carney was a tenant, he paid GW an annual ... Read More

John Gist (d. 1778) was a planter who in 1745 leased 106 acres on the east side of Dogue Run from Sampson Darrell—land that came under GW’s ownership after his purchase of 500 acres from Darrell ... Read More

Dr. Thomas Walker (1715–1794), a physician, merchant, land speculator, experienced explorer, and storekeeper in Fredericksburg. Walker had extensive landholdings and business interests throughout ... Read More

Deel Clyman (Clymer, Clymant) of Frederick County, Md., leased, on 17 March 1769, lot no. 19, a 160-acre tract in Fauquier County, Virginia. The lot was part of a 2,682-acre tract in Fauquier and ... Read More

In 1772 Michael Henry was residing on GW's 120–acre lot no. 3 in Fauquier County, Va., which by that year was "assign'd" to him (see Ledger B, 69).  Henry remained a tenant on that tract through ... Read More

Richard Watts was a tenant on GW's lands in Fauquier and Loudoun counties.

In 1773 Moses Collett leased GW’s Bullskin lot no. 2, containing 200 acres, at an annual rate of £6 for “three lives.” After Collett’s death, which occurred sometime before 1 Oct. 1783, his eldest ... Read More

Joseph Hickman was a tenant on GW's Frederick lands.

Thomas West, son of Charles West of Loudoun County, rented two lots totaling 220 acres from GW on the borders of Loudoun and Fauquier counties, for £9 per year.

Charles Craig (Craik) rented a quarter at Mount Vernon from 1756 until 1760.

Nelson Kelly rented from GW on 20 Feb. 1762 the 135–acre farm on Dogue Run at Mount Vernon that GW bought from George Ashford in January 1762. In September 1762 Kelly, a planter, agreed to serve ... Read More

Francis Whiting (d. 1775) rented a parcel of GW’s Bullskin land in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1773.

William Crawford (1732-1782), brother of Valentine Crawford and husband to Hannah Vance Crawford, was, in 1755, commissioned an ensign in the company of scouts attached to the Virginia Regiment. ... Read More

William Kercheval leased a 172 acre tract on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia.

Edward Williams had been a tenant on the Clifton's Neck land at Mount Vernon since GW bought it from William Clifton in 1760.

John Crook, who began renting a farm in the original Mount Vernon tract in 1755, continued as GW's tenant until 1767.

In late 1772 Joseph Kerlin leased lot no. 4 “in the Barrens of Bullskin” on GW's Bullskin Run land for his life and the lives of his wife Philis and their son Peter. The lot contained 200 acres ... Read More

John Williams was a tenant on GW's land in Frederick County, Virginia.

James Deermont (d. 1786) was a tenant on GW's lot no. 17 in Fauquier County, Va., which tract had previously been rented by Thomas Loyd, before his lease was assigned to Deermont. Deermont ... Read More

Lewis Lemart (Lamart), who had acted briefly as GW’s rental agent before his death in the spring of 1785, began leasing GW’s lot no.10 on the Fauquier-Loudoun County border in December 1772 at £7 ... Read More

In 1756 Benjamin Williamson rented a farm from GW near Mount Vernon on Little Hunting Creek. During the next four years he slowly slipped behind in his rent. The rental was not renewed for 1760, ... Read More

James Dinson leased from GW a 140-acre lot in Fauquier County, Virginia.

While GW worked as a practicing professional land surveyor in the latter 1740s and early 1750s, he used John Lonem as his head chainman, at least for approximately half of his surveys. Lonem did ... Read More

Joseph Windsor (Winsor, Winzor) held a 14–year lease, running from 1 Jan. 1785, to 172 acres belonging to GW in Frederick County, Virginia. The land was part of about five hundred and sixty acres ... Read More

Robert Dinwiddie (1693–1770) was born in Glasgow, Scotland. After a brief career as a merchant in Glasgow, he went to Bermuda where he opened a mercantile and shipping business. In 1721 he was ... Read More

On 25 Dec. 1772, John Glascock, Jr., transferred his lease of the 100-acre lot no. 16 in Fauquier County, Va., to Abram Morgan, who paid GW £15 in back rent. In 1784 the tenancy was transferred to ... Read More

Notley Young (c.1736–1802) was one of the proprietors of the Federal City. The plantation home of Young, located on the banks of the Potomac near the modern intersection of 8th and I streets, S.W ... Read More

In March 1769 William Donaldson began renting GW's 100-acre lot no. 15 in Fauquier County, Va., at a rent of £4 per annum. The lease ran for his life and the lives of his wife Mary and their ... Read More

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