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Name Birth Death Occupation
Watson, Joseph 1773 Joseph Watson (d. 1773) in 1758–59 was a business partner of John Kirkpatrick in Alexandria, Virginia.
Watson, Josiah Josiah Watson was an Englishman who settled in Alexandria, Virginia, about 1773 and established Josiah Watson & Company, tobacco agents. He was also a Fairfax County justice of the peace from ... Read More
Watts, Richard Richard Watts was a tenant on GW's lands in Fauquier and Loudoun counties.
Welch, Wakelin Wakelin Welch, Sr., was a London merchant and a business partner of Robert Cary, GW’s former London agent. After Cary’s death, Welch and his son Wakelin Welch, Jr., carried on the firm
West, Charles Charles West operated an ordinary in Loudoun County, Virginia.
West, Hugh c. 1755 1801 GW employed West as a recording clerk under the direction of Tobias Lear. West remained in GW’s official household until 1792, when GW certified on 15 Aug. his sobriety, diligence, prudence, and ... Read More
West, Thomas Thomas West, son of Charles West of Loudoun County, rented two lots totaling 220 acres from GW on the borders of Loudoun and Fauquier counties, for £9 per year.
Whiting, Anthony 1793 Anthony Whiting, a native of England, was an overseer of two of GW's farms - Ferry and French's. See also: “Anthony Whiting.” The Digital Encyclopedia of George Washington. Accessed October 6, 2016.  ... Read More
Whiting, Diana William and Diana Whiting sold land to John Posey for GW for £75 in 1764, which was paid in three installments. The land was about 200 acre son the west bank of Dogue Run and previously belonged to ... Read More
Whiting, Francis 1775 Francis Whiting (d. 1775) rented a parcel of GW’s Bullskin land in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1773.
Whiting, Matthew 1730 1810 Matthew Whiting (d. 1810) lived at Snow Hill on Bull Run in Prince William County, Virginia.
Whiting, William William and Diana Whiting sold land to John Posey for GW for £75 in 1764, which was paid in three installments. The land was about 200 acres on the west bank of Dogue Run and previously belonged to ... Read More
Wilkenson, Thomas
Williams, Edward Edward Williams had been a tenant on the Clifton's Neck land at Mount Vernon since GW bought it from William Clifton in 1760.
Williams, John John Williams was a tenant on GW's land in Frederick County, Virginia.
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas (cooper) Thomas Williams was a cooper.
Williams, Thomas (harvester) Thomas Williams was retained by GW as a harvester.
Williams, William William Williams rented a farm on Mount Vernon lands.
Williamson, Benjamin In 1756 Benjamin Williamson rented a farm from GW near Mount Vernon on Little Hunting Creek. During the next four years he slowly slipped behind in his rent. The rental was not renewed for 1760, and ... Read More
Wilson, Mary On 17 Dec. 1768 GW wrote in his diary: “Mary Wilson came to live here as a Ho. keeper a[t] 15/. pr. Month” (Diaries, 2:115). Mrs. Wilson was probably a replacement for Rachel McKeaver.
Wilson, William c. 1823 William Wilson (died c.1823) was a native of Scotland. He came to the United States around 1777 and, with his brother James (1767–1805), was a partner in a merchant and shipping firm in Alexandria, ... Read More
Windsor (Winsor, Winzor), Joseph Joseph Windsor (Winsor, Winzor) held a 14–year lease, running from 1 Jan. 1785, to 172 acres belonging to GW in Frederick County, Virginia. The land was part of about five hundred and sixty acres GW ... Read More
Winter, John John Winter was a painter. GW wrote at the end of John Winter’s personal account in Ledger A, page 54, “Jno. Winter before he had near finishd Painting my House Stole a good deal of my Paint & ... Read More
Wise, Peter
Woelpper (Wilper), John David 1709 John David Woelpper (Wilper) was born in Germany in 1709 and had settled in Staunton, Va., by 1751. In recommending him for a captaincy in 1776, GW noted his personal acquaintance with Woelpper, whom ... Read More
Wood, James James Wood leased land from GW in Fauquier County, Virginia.
Wood, Sergeant
Woodward, Henry c. 1730 Henry Woodward was in the British navy and came ashore with Braddock’s army when it landed in Virginia in the spring of 1755. He was made a captain in GW’s reconstituted regiment in September 1755 ... Read More
Worthington’s Marsh Worthington's Marsh was in Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia).
Wren, James c. 1728 1815 James Wren (c.1728–1815), a justice of the Fairfax County Court and a member of vestry of Fairfax Parish, took his oath as tax commissioner for the Truro district of Fairfax County on 19 May 1788 ( ... Read More
Wren, Thomas
Yates, Richard Richard Yates was a ship captain. He was the master of the Lawrence and Jane, by which vessel the London firm of Robert Cary & Company shipped goods to GW in 1759. The ship was reported entering ... Read More
Young, George GW hired George Young in January 1774 for a year at an annual salary of £25 to make the improvements on his western landholdings required by law (Diaries, 3:226). Young moved to Mount Vernon from ... Read More
Young, Notley c. 1736 1802 Notley Young (c.1736–1802) was one of the proprietors of the Federal City. The plantation home of Young, located on the banks of the Potomac near the modern intersection of 8th and I streets, S.W., ... Read More