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Name Birth Death Occupation
Langfitt, Philip Philip Langfitt resided in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia. On 16 Dec. 1773 Langfitt signed a memorandum of an agreement with GW whereby GW hired from Langfitt a slave cooper, named Nace (Nase ... Read More
Lanphier, Going 1727 1813 Going Lanphier (1727-1813) was a carpenter, joiner, and housebuilder from Alexandria whom GW hired in 1759 to add a story to his house at Mount Vernon. Lanphier also performed some small tasks for GW ... Read More
Laurie, James Dr. James Laurie (Lowrie) was a physician of Alexandria, Virginia. In March 1760 Laurie appears to have agreed to treat all of GW's "People" in the "County" for £15 per annum ... Read More
Law, Thomas 1759 1834 Thomas Law (1759-1834) was in the service of the East India Company from 1773 to 1791, his most important position being district collector for Bihar, and was the author of at least two pamphlets ... Read More
Lear, Tobias 1762 1816 Tobias Lear was a Harvard graduate and native of New Hampshire. In 1786 he became GW’s secretary upon the recommendation of Benjamin Lincoln. He accompanied the president to New York in 1789 and ... Read More
Lee, George (1714-1761) 1714 1761 Born in England, George Lee (1714-1761) later removed to Virginia, and resided at Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Virginia. In 1738 he married Judith Wormeley of Middlesex County, Va., though ... Read More
Lee, George (1736-1807; of Md.) 1736 1807 George Lee (1736–1807), a planter of Prince Georges and Charles counties in Maryland, was a son of Philip Lee (c.1681–1744) of Prince Georges County. He was married to Chloe Hanson Lee (1743–c.1807 ... Read More
Lemart, Lewis 1785 Lewis Lemart (Lamart), who had acted briefly as GW’s rental agent before his death in the spring of 1785, began leasing GW’s lot no.10 on the Fauquier-Loudoun County border in December 1772 at £7 per ... Read More
Lewis, Fielding, Jr. 1751 1803 Fielding Lewis, Jr. (1751-1803), was the oldest son of Fielding Lewis (1725–1781) and GW’s sister Betty Washington Lewis (1733–1797) of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fielding Lewis, Jr., inherited from ... Read More
Lewis, Fielding, Sr. 1725 1781 Fielding Lewis, Sr. (1725-1781), was the son of John and Frances Fielding Lewis, of Warner Hall in Gloucester County. A prominent merchant and burgess, Lewis married GW's sister, Betty ... Read More
Lewis, John 1747 1825 John Lewis (1747–1825) of Fredericksburg, Va., was the eldest son of Fielding Lewis and his first wife Catherine Washington Lewis and the stepson of GW’s sister Betty Washington Lewis. His half ... Read More
Lewis, Lawrence 1767 1839 Lawrence Lewis (1767–1839) was the third surviving son of Fielding and Betty Washington Lewis. He was educated at an academy in Fredericksburg, Va., and by private tutors at Kenmore. Lawrence served ... Read More
Lewis, Robert (GW's nephew) 1769 1829 Robert Lewis (1769-1829) was the tenth child of Betty Washington Lewis and Fielding Lewis, and nephew to GW. He served as GW's presidential secretary from 1789 until 1791 when he resigned to return ... Read More
Logan, Thomas Thomas Logan of Alexandria, who in 1772 bought from GW flour valued at £52.15.8, paid £29.7.6 on 28 April 1773. On 10 July 1773 Logan took care of the remainder of his debt by an “Allowance in Acct ... Read More
Lonem, John While GW worked as a practicing professional land surveyor in the latter 1740s and early 1750s, he used John Lonem as his head chainman, at least for approximately half of his surveys. Lonem did not ... Read More
Lother, John John Lother made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon. GW's account with Lother shows that he owed GW four shillings and six pence in January 1761, and that the money was not repaid (see Ledger A, ... Read More
Luke, Peter In March 1774, Peter Luke, along with Mawbrey Madden (Maddin), both of Frederick County, Va., was paid the first of three installments for “25½ days Waggonage of Goods to Red-stone Settlement @ 12/. ... Read More