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Name Birth Death Occupation
Packett (Packet), John John Packett was employed by GW between 1789 and 1791.
Page, Mann 1718 Mann Page (b. 1718) of Rosewell in Gloucester County, Va., was an owner of stock in the Dismal Swamp Company. He acquired the one-half share of the stock from Robert Burwell. Page later resided at ... Read More
Palmer, Jonathan In July 1768 Jonathan Palmer was hired by the day as a harvester of hay and grain. However, on 30 Aug. 1768 GW agreed with Palmer for him “to come and Work with my Carpenters; either at their Trade— ... Read More
Parish Collection For more information about parishes in colonial Virginia, see: Bond, E. L. The Parish in Colonial Virginia. (2016, November 14). In Encyclopedia Virginia. Retrieved from http://www. ... Read More
Parker, William In the 1760s William Parker, a planter and justice of the peace, ran an ordinary in his house in Caroline County, Virginia.
Parkinson, Richard
Pasteur, William 1791 Dr. William Pasteur (d. 1791), a son of Swiss immigrant Dr. Jean Pasteur, opened an apothecary shop on the Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Va., in 1759. In 1775 he entered into a ... Read More
Patterson, John 1768 John Patterson (d. 1768) was the joiner and master carpenter who did extensive work on the house at Mount Vernon in the summer and early fall of 1758.
Paul, James
Payne, Edward Edward Payne served with GW as a vestryman of Truro Parish 1765–74. When Payne contracted with the parish in 1766 to build a chapel of ease (later called Payne’s Church) for the parishioners in the ... Read More
Payne, Virtinda
Peake, Humphrey 1733 1785 Humphrey Peake (1733–1785), who inherited Willow Spring from his father, William Peake (d. 1761), was a neighbor and fox-hunting companion of GW and a frequent visitor to Mount Vernon. Peake lived ... Read More
Pearson, Milkey (Milkah) Trammell Milkey (Milkah) Trammell Pearson was the estranged wife of Simon Pearson.
Pearson, Simon c. 1738 1797 Simon Pearson (c.1738–1797) of Fairfax County, Virginia, sold land to GW.
Pearson, William
Pendleton, Philip 1752 1802 Philip Pendleton (1752–1802), an attorney, agreed with GW in June 1771 to buy 180 acres of GW’s Bullskin plantation “for £400 the Money to be paid in two years with Int[eres]t from the 25th. of next ... Read More
Peterson & Taylor (firm) Peterson & Taylor was a firm in Alexandria, Virginia.
Peterson, William William Peterson leased land from GW.
Petit (Pettitt), Thomas Thomas Petit rented a Mount Vernon quarter from GW in 1759 and 1760, after which he disappears from GW’s records.
Pettit, James
Posey, John John Posey was a captain of the 2d company of artificers in the 2d Virginia Regiment in the latter 1750s. Posey, whose home, Rover’s Delight, stood near the Potomac River about a mile southwest of ... Read More