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Name Birth Death Occupation
Greenwood, John 1760 1819 Born in Boston, John Greenwood (1760–1819), served during the Revolutionary War as a fife-major and in other capacities. After the war, Greenwood established his place of business at no. 199 Water ... Read More
Gubner, Dominicus Prior to 20 Sept. 1770, GW employed Dominicus Gubner, to whom he referred as "a Dutch Smith," as a blacksmith on a daily basis, paying him 3 shillings per day for a total of 19 days (see Ledger A, ... Read More
Hagan, Charles GW signed a contract with Charles Hagan on 5 Jan. 1788 (DLC:GW), in which the latter agreed to begin work as a brickmaker at Mount Vernon that spring. In addition to making bricks, Hagan was to " ... Read More
Hagan, Frank Frank Hagan appears to be among the laborers who were paid in 1774 for hauling seine (see Ledger B, 141).     
Haims, Robert In March 1762, GW bought from his brother Samuel the indenture of Robert Haims, a white servant, who worked for a time as a ditcher at Mount Vernon. Haims, whom GW employed again in 1763, 1766, and ... Read More
Hamilton, Baptiste Baptiste Hamilton (referred to in one entry as "Tenison Baptist Hamilton") was a shoemaker who made shoes for the slaves at Mount Vernon, especially during the mid-1780s and early 1790s (see Ledger B ... Read More
Hamp, Benjamin Benjamin A. Hamp was a merchant of Alexandria, Virginia. He sold a variety of items at his store, including woolens, linens, hats, glass, saddlery, and jewelry (see Miller, Artisans and Merchants of ... Read More
Hardin (Harden), Thomas Thomas Hardin (Harden) appears to have been an overseer of a plantation near Mount Vernon, which had been part of the estate of James Steptoe. Hardin ocasionally made use of the blacksmith at Mount ... Read More
Harle, Sarah In September 1765 Sarah Harle, probably the daughter of William Harle (d. 1750) of Fairfax County, went to work for GW at Mount Vernon and remained in his employ at the house for more than two years ... Read More
Harrison, Lawrence Lawrence Harrison owned the 234½-acre tract at Great Meadows, and in late 1770 GW directed William Crawford to purchase that tract for him. Harrison agreed to sell his rights to the tract to GW for ... Read More
Harvey, John John Harvey was one of the ditchers who helped to dig GW's millrace in 1770. On 1 May of that year, GW recorded in his diary that "John Harvey went to Ditchg. on my Mill Race at 1/3 pr. Rod" (Diaries ... Read More
Hawkins, George Fraser c. 1741 1785 George Fraser Hawkins (c.1741–1785) had a home in Prince Georges County, Md., directly across the Potomac from Alexandria.
Henry, Michael In 1772 Michael Henry was residing on GW's 120–acre lot no. 3 in Fauquier County, Va., which by that year was "assign'd" to him (see Ledger B, 69).  Henry remained a tenant on that tract through 1784 ... Read More
Herndon, Benjamin Benjamin Herndon resided in King George County, Va., though he may have for a time lived in King William County (see Ledger A, 236).  In 1766 GW lent him £5 in the purchase of Marmaduke Norfleet’s ... Read More
Hickman, John John Hickman of King William County, Virginia, was the son of William Hickman.
Hickman, Joseph Joseph Hickman was a tenant on GW's Frederick lands.
Hopkins, John c. 1757 1827 John Hopkins (c.1757–1827) was a businessman of Richmond, Va., and served for a time as a clerk in the Virginia treasurer’s office. He was appointed commissioner of Continental loans for Virginia in ... Read More
Hopkins, William William Hopkins made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon. GW's account with Hopkins shows that the latter owed him four shillings and six pence, and that Hopkins apparently did not settle his debt ... Read More
Hume, James In December 1764 GW paid 10 shillings for a "year’s Ferriage," which he left with his mother, Mary Ball Washignton, for James Hume of Fredericksburg (Ledger A, 189, 202).
Hunt, William William Hunt worked as a ditcher at Mount Vernon in 1767. In GW's account with Hunt, he noted that in October 1767 Hunt was employed in "ditching—& cleansing the old Race at" GW ... Read More
Hunter, John (militia colonel) John Hunter served for a time as justice of the Elizabeth City County, Va., court and as colonel of the county’s militia. He lived near Hampton, where he was also a merchant. During the French and ... Read More
Hunter, John (physician) Dr. John Hunter was a physician in Alexandria, Virginia. He occasionally made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 76). In September 1760 GW paid Hunter 10 shillings to bleed Martha ... Read More
Jackson, Isaac Isaac Jackson was a fuller in Winchester, Virginia. In October 1766, GW sent him £1 in payment of his charges for "fulling & dressing 10 1/2 yds of 3/4 Cloth" and for “Scouring & dressing 8 ... Read More
Javings (Javens; Javins), Joseph 1760 Joseph Javins of Fairfax County died intestate in 1760, probably in June, and two of GW’s overseers, William Poole and Richard Stephens, were among those appointed to inventory his estate.
Jenkins, Bennett Bennett Jenkins was a member of the expedition led by Valentine Crawford that attempted to seat GW's lands on the Ohio and Kanawha rivers in 1774. GW paid Jenkins sums equivalent to a total of £2.4 ... Read More
Johnston, Robert c. 1768 Robert Johnston (died c.1768) rented land on Bullskin Run to GW. This may be the land GW surveyed for Johnston in 1752. The land consisted in a plantation where Patrick Matthews had lived and was in ... Read More
Jones, Henry Henry Jones of Fairfax County, Va., acted as overseer for the Dogue Run farm at Mount Vernon for one year, beginning in December 1791.  According to the agreement Jones had signed with George ... Read More
Jonus, Jacob Jacob Jonus (Jonas) served as GW's cook for about 18 months while GW was serving as colonel of the Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War (see Ledger A, 42).
Josiah Watson & Company Josiah Watson and Company was a firm in Alexandria, Virginia.
Keen, James In 1777, GW paid James Keen £18 for 80 bushels of wheat (see Ledger B, 149). This may be the same James Keen (Kean) who lived in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Kelly, Nelson Nelson Kelly rented from GW on 20 Feb. 1762 the 135–acre farm on Dogue Run at Mount Vernon that GW bought from George Ashford in January 1762. In September 1762 Kelly, a planter, agreed to serve as ... Read More
Kennedy, David David Kennedy of Winchester, Va., rose to the rank of lieutenant in GW’s Virginia Regiment in the 1750s and served for a time as its assistant commissary and quartermaster. Between 1766 and 1773 ... Read More
Kercheval (Kerchevell; Kirchwall; Kirkwall), William William Kercheval leased a 172 acre tract on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia.
Kerlin, Joseph In late 1772 Joseph Kerlin leased lot no. 4 “in the Barrens of Bullskin” on GW's Bullskin Run land for his life and the lives of his wife Philis and their son Peter. The lot contained 200 acres and ... Read More
Knight, Humphrey 1758 Humphrey Knight was overseer of GW's farms at Mount Vernon in 1757 and 1758 until his death in the fall of 1758. When closing out his account with the deceased Knight, GW wrote: “Note, this ... Read More
Knowland, Ann Ann Knowland acted as a midwife. In July 1769, GW paid her "for delivering D[ogue] R[un] Moll" (Ledger A, 291).
Knowland, James James Knowland made occasional use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 81).
Knowles, John c. 1790 John Knowles and his wife Rachael were two indentured servants bought by GW for £45.6.8 in 1774 (see Ledger B, 119). John worked for GW as a bricklayer in the mid–1770s, and payments were made to ... Read More
Knowles, Rachael Rachael Knowles and her husband, John, were indentured servants purchased by GW for £45.6.8 in 1774 (see Ledger B, 119).  In 1789 GW hired Rachael to be a household servant for one year. Her husband ... Read More
Knox, Thomas Thomas Knox was a merchant in Bristol, England.  In 1757 GW sent eight hogsheads of tobacco to Knox aboard the King of Prussia, for which he showed credit from Knox of £42.2.5 sterling. At the end of ... Read More
Langfitt, Philip Philip Langfitt resided in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia. On 16 Dec. 1773 Langfitt signed a memorandum of an agreement with GW whereby GW hired from Langfitt a slave cooper, named Nace (Nase ... Read More
Lanphier, Going 1727 1813 Going Lanphier (1727-1813) was a carpenter, joiner, and housebuilder from Alexandria whom GW hired in 1759 to add a story to his house at Mount Vernon. Lanphier also performed some small tasks for GW ... Read More
Laurie, James Dr. James Laurie (Lowrie) was a physician of Alexandria, Virginia. In March 1760 Laurie appears to have agreed to treat all of GW's "People" in the "County" for £15 per annum ... Read More
Law, Thomas 1759 1834 Thomas Law (1759-1834) was in the service of the East India Company from 1773 to 1791, his most important position being district collector for Bihar, and was the author of at least two pamphlets ... Read More
Lear, Tobias 1762 1816 Tobias Lear was a Harvard graduate and native of New Hampshire. In 1786 he became GW’s secretary upon the recommendation of Benjamin Lincoln. He accompanied the president to New York in 1789 and ... Read More
Lee, George (1714-1761) 1714 1761 Born in England, George Lee (1714-1761) later removed to Virginia, and resided at Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Virginia. In 1738 he married Judith Wormeley of Middlesex County, Va., though ... Read More
Lee, George (1736-1807; of Md.) 1736 1807 George Lee (1736–1807), a planter of Prince Georges and Charles counties in Maryland, was a son of Philip Lee (c.1681–1744) of Prince Georges County. He was married to Chloe Hanson Lee (1743–c.1807 ... Read More
Lemart, Lewis 1785 Lewis Lemart (Lamart), who had acted briefly as GW’s rental agent before his death in the spring of 1785, began leasing GW’s lot no.10 on the Fauquier-Loudoun County border in December 1772 at £7 per ... Read More
Lewis, Fielding, Jr. 1751 1803 Fielding Lewis, Jr. (1751-1803), was the oldest son of Fielding Lewis (1725–1781) and GW’s sister Betty Washington Lewis (1733–1797) of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fielding Lewis, Jr., inherited from ... Read More
Lewis, Fielding, Sr. 1725 1781 Fielding Lewis, Sr. (1725-1781), was the son of John and Frances Fielding Lewis, of Warner Hall in Gloucester County. A prominent merchant and burgess, Lewis married GW's sister, Betty ... Read More