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Name Birth Death Occupation
Lewis, John 1747 1825 John Lewis (1747–1825) of Fredericksburg, Va., was the eldest son of Fielding Lewis and his first wife Catherine Washington Lewis and the stepson of GW’s sister Betty Washington Lewis. His half ... Read More
Lewis, Lawrence 1767 1839 Lawrence Lewis (1767–1839) was the third surviving son of Fielding and Betty Washington Lewis. He was educated at an academy in Fredericksburg, Va., and by private tutors at Kenmore. Lawrence served ... Read More
Lewis, Robert (GW's nephew) 1769 1829 Robert Lewis (1769-1829) was the tenth child of Betty Washington Lewis and Fielding Lewis, and nephew to GW. He served as GW's presidential secretary from 1789 until 1791 when he resigned to return ... Read More
Logan, Thomas Thomas Logan of Alexandria, who in 1772 bought from GW flour valued at £52.15.8, paid £29.7.6 on 28 April 1773. On 10 July 1773 Logan took care of the remainder of his debt by an “Allowance in Acct ... Read More
Lonem, John While GW worked as a practicing professional land surveyor in the latter 1740s and early 1750s, he used John Lonem as his head chainman, at least for approximately half of his surveys. Lonem did not ... Read More
Lother, John John Lother made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon. GW's account with Lother shows that he owed GW four shillings and six pence in January 1761, and that the money was not repaid (see Ledger A, ... Read More
Luke, Peter In March 1774, Peter Luke, along with Mawbrey Madden (Maddin), both of Frederick County, Va., was paid the first of three installments for “25½ days Waggonage of Goods to Red-stone Settlement @ 12/. ... Read More
Madden (Maddin), Mawbrey In March 1774, Mawbrey Madden (Maddin), along with Peter Luke, both of Frederick County, Va., was paid the first of three installments for “25½ days Waggonage of Goods to Red-stone Settlement @ 12/. ... Read More
Manley, Harrison 1773 Harrison Manley (d. 1773), was the son of John Manley (d. 1750) and Sarah Harrison Manley, and the brother of Penelope Manley French. Manley occasionally sold wheat to GW and used the services of GW' ... Read More
Manley, Mary (Molly) Mary (Molly) Manley was the daughter of Harrison Manley and Margert Barry Manley Sanford.
Marshall, James James Marshall had a tavern in Piscataway, Prince George's County, Maryland. This may be the same Mr. Marshall in GW's 1762 Cash Account (see Ledger A, 145). GW supplied Marshall with 1, ... Read More
Massey, Lee 1732 1814 Lee Massey (1732–1814) practiced law in his early years, but in the latter 1760s he was chosen by the vestry of Truro Parish to be rector of the parish and sent to England for ordination. He retired ... Read More
McBride, Francis GW made a survey on 3 Nov. 1749 for Francis McBride for 386¼ acres on the Lost River, the upper portion of the Cacapon River (Va., now W.Va.). GW made another survey in 1750 for 224 acres, also on ... Read More
McCarty, Daniel 1792 Daniel McCarty (d. 1792), son of Daniel McCarty (d.1724), was a wealthy planter living at Mount Air on Accotink Creek in Fairfax County. He was married to Sinah Bell McCarty (d. 1798) with whom he ... Read More
McCarty, Daniel (Pope's Creek) 1795 Daniel McCarty (d. 1795), son of Daniel McCarty (d. 1744), lived at Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was a near neighbor of William Augustine Washington.
McGachen, William William McGachen (McGachin) was a sea captain with whom GW had dealings for a number of years. He was captain of the "convict Ship" Phoenix, which was owned by Stewart & Campbell of London. He ... Read More
McKeaver, Rachel Beginning in November 1767, Rachel McKeaver was in GW's employ at Mount Vernon as a housekeeper. She worked there for ten months and may have been a replacement for Sarah Harle who had left at ... Read More
McWilliams, William
Mercer, James (d.1793) c. 1735 1793 James Mercer (ca.1735–1793) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, a brother of George and John Fenton Mercer, and the half brother of John Francis Mercer ... Read More
Mercer, John Francis 1759 1821 John Francis Mercer (1759-1821) was the son of John Mercer (1704-1768) of Marlborough in Stafford County, Virginia, and the half brother to George and James Mercer. He was commissioned a lieutenant ... Read More
Mitchell, Jeremiah In early March 1760 GW made a contract with Jeremiah Mitchell, an independent artisan, to repair his deteriorating mill in the summer months when the stream ran dry. Due to heavy rains, repairs were ... Read More
Monroe, Thomas Thomas Monroe of Fairfax County, Va., owed GW 13 shillings, 9 pence in the fall of 1767 for weaving. Monroe got 16 yards of striped cotton. Monroe submitted a cash payment in the amount of 10 ... Read More
Morgan, Abram (Abraham) On 25 Dec. 1772, John Glascock, Jr., transferred his lease of the 100-acre lot no. 16 in Fauquier County, Va., to Abram Morgan, who paid GW £15 in back rent. In 1784 the tenancy was transferred to ... Read More
Muschett, John In 1769 GW gave John Muschett of Charles County, Md., 12 shillings and 6 pence for "a years Maryld Gazette" (Ledger A, 291; see also Ledger A, 212).
Muse, Battaile 1751 1803 Battaile Muse (1751–1803) was the son of Col. George Muse (1720–1790) of Caroline County, Va., who served with GW in the Virginia Regiment during the Fort Necessity campaign, and Elizabeth Battaile ... Read More
Nations (Nation), Mrs Mrs. Nations was the widow of GW's tenant, William Nations, who died in 1760. In June of that year GW gave 10 shillings to Mrs. Nations (see Ledger A, 95).
Nations, William 1760 From 1755 through 1759 William Nations (d. 1760) rented a quarter from GW for 1,000 pounds of tobacco per year. After his death, Nations's horse was sold to pay the rent still owed GW (see ... Read More
Newbold, Purnell In February 1760 GW paid Purnell Newbold in Maryland currency for shingles, "Wood Ware," and bees wax (see Ledger A, 89).
O'Kelly, John B. John B. O'Kelly of Alexandria was a dance instructor. In the latter 1780s, O'Kelly gave dance lessons to GW's nephews Lawrence Augustine and George Steptoe Washington (see Ledger B, 276). Harriot ... Read More
Oram, James James Oram lived in Fairfax County, Virginia. In June 1768 GW bought from Oram “a Portmanteau horse” for John Parke Custis (see Ledger A, 274; see also Guardian Accounts, 5 May 1769). Oram made ... Read More
Orr, John 1726 John Orr (b. 1726) was a Scottish merchant who settled first in Westmoreland and then in Fairfax County, Virginia. In 1766, Orr carried a cash payment to GW from John Relfe of Philadelphia (see ... Read More
Oswald, Eleazer 1795 A native of Falmouth, England, Eleazer Oswald (d. 1795) had immigrated to America in 1770, and was apprenticed to John Holt, the printer of the New-York Journal. During the Revolutionary War, he ... Read More
Packett (Packet), John John Packett was employed by GW between 1789 and 1791.
Page, Mann 1718 Mann Page (b. 1718) of Rosewell in Gloucester County, Va., was an owner of stock in the Dismal Swamp Company. He acquired the one-half share of the stock from Robert Burwell. Page later resided at ... Read More
Palmer, Jonathan In July 1768 Jonathan Palmer was hired by the day as a harvester of hay and grain. However, on 30 Aug. 1768 GW agreed with Palmer for him “to come and Work with my Carpenters; either at their Trade— ... Read More
Parish Collection For more information about parishes in colonial Virginia, see: Bond, E. L. The Parish in Colonial Virginia. (2016, November 14). In Encyclopedia Virginia. Retrieved from http://www. ... Read More
Parker, William In the 1760s William Parker, a planter and justice of the peace, ran an ordinary in his house in Caroline County, Virginia.
Parkinson, Richard
Pasteur, William 1791 Dr. William Pasteur (d. 1791), a son of Swiss immigrant Dr. Jean Pasteur, opened an apothecary shop on the Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Va., in 1759. In 1775 he entered into a ... Read More
Patterson, John 1768 John Patterson (d. 1768) was the joiner and master carpenter who did extensive work on the house at Mount Vernon in the summer and early fall of 1758.
Paul, James
Payne, Edward Edward Payne served with GW as a vestryman of Truro Parish 1765–74. When Payne contracted with the parish in 1766 to build a chapel of ease (later called Payne’s Church) for the parishioners in the ... Read More
Payne, Virtinda
Peake, Humphrey 1733 1785 Humphrey Peake (1733–1785), who inherited Willow Spring from his father, William Peake (d. 1761), was a neighbor and fox-hunting companion of GW and a frequent visitor to Mount Vernon. Peake lived ... Read More
Pearson, Milkey (Milkah) Trammell Milkey (Milkah) Trammell Pearson was the estranged wife of Simon Pearson.
Pearson, Simon c. 1738 1797 Simon Pearson (c.1738–1797) of Fairfax County, Virginia, sold land to GW.
Pearson, William
Pendleton, Philip 1752 1802 Philip Pendleton (1752–1802), an attorney, agreed with GW in June 1771 to buy 180 acres of GW’s Bullskin plantation “for £400 the Money to be paid in two years with Int[eres]t from the 25th. of next ... Read More
Peterson & Taylor (firm) Peterson & Taylor was a firm in Alexandria, Virginia.
Peterson, William William Peterson leased land from GW.