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Name Birth Death Occupation
Dixon, Roger 1772 Roger Dixon (d. 1772) was a prominent merchant of Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 1765, GW paid 12 shillings for two bushels of flaxseed for Dixon (see Ledger A, 211).
Donaldson, Robert (Alexandria merchant) Robert Donaldson was an Alexandria wheat and flour merchant and the business partner of William Hartshorne (1742-1816). He may be the Robert Donaldson who was paid an amount of £14.3.10 in April 1775 ... Read More
Donaldson, Robert (wounded soldier) In 1766 Robert Donaldson petitioned the Virginia House of Burgesses for assistance, claiming that he had "received several Wounds in the Service" of Virginia, and that he was blind and ... Read More
Donaldson, William In March 1769 William Donaldson began renting GW's 100-acre lot no. 15 in Fauquier County, Va., at a rent of £4 per annum. The lease ran for his life and the lives of his wife Mary and their son ... Read More
Donne, Samuel GW's account with Samuel Donne shows that in April 1753, Donne owed £2.3 for cash spent at the saddler Richard Lewis's store (see Ledger A, 7). 
Dulan, John GW sold John Dulan 23½ yards of plaid cloth and 9 yards of “bird eye Linn[e]n” for £1.14.3. Dulan made up the difference between this and the £1.2 cash by supplying GW with chickens and eggs (see ... Read More
Dunnington, George George Dunnington was GW's tenant in Charles County, Md., on land that GW acquired as settlement in a dispute with Daniel Jenifer Adams. In the 1790 census Dunnington is listed as head of a ... Read More
Dyer (Dyers), John John Dyer leased from GW in 1769 lots 13 and 14 in Fauquier and Loudoun counties in Virginia. The lots, which contained a total of 227 acres, were part of the 2,682–acre tract in those counties ... Read More
Eden, Thomas Thomas Eden, brother of Maryland governor Robert Eden, owned and commanded the Annapolis, aboard which ship GW dined in May 1773.  Eden also had a trading company by the name of Thomas Eden & Co ... Read More
Ehlers, John Christian c. 1820 John Christian Ehlers (died c.1820) agreed to work as a gardener for GW at Mount Vernon, and traveled from Bremen, Germany to New York in mid-September 1789, and proceeded to Mount Vernon shortly ... Read More
Ellzey (Elzey, Elsey), Thomazin (Thomasin) Thomazin (Thomasin) Ellzey (Elzey, Elsey), of Fairfax County, Va., collected quitrents for Lord Fairfax in the early 1760s and was a vestryman of Truro Parish in Fairfax County from 1765 to 1785. GW ... Read More
Fairfax, George William 1724 1787 George William Fairfax (1724–1787), a relative of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia, was the the son of William (1691-1757) and Sarah Walker Fairfax. He was educated ... Read More
Fairfax, Hezekiah Hezekiah Fairfax, overseer at the Ferry plantation for several years, was a son of William Fairfax (d. 1793) of Charles County, Md., and his first wife, Benedicta Blanchard Fairfax, and was a half ... Read More
Fairfax, William Henry 1759 William Henry Fairfax (d. 1759), the younger brother to Bryan Fairfax, went to New York in the fall of 1757 and bought an ensign’s commission in the 28th Regiment of Foot. Though Virginia governor ... Read More
Farrel, James In 1774 James Farrel received from GW one barrel of Indian corn, which he was to pay for in wheat. GW's account with Farrel indicates a loss (see Ledger B, 104).
Felder, Samuel Samuel Felder made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 80). In 1759, Richard Stephens, the overseer of Muddy Hole farm in 1759 and 1760, received £3.10 from Felder (on GW's behalf) ... Read More
Fitzhugh, William (1721-1798) 1721 1798 William Fitzhugh (1721–1798), a native of Stafford County, Va., served with Lawrence Washington during the Cartagena campaign and represented Stafford County in the House of Burgesses 1748–58. In ... Read More
Fitzhugh, William (1741-1809) 1741 1809 William Fitzhugh (1741–1809), of Chatham in Stafford County, Va., was a planter and longtime friend of GW. Fitzhugh was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1772–75, the Virginia conventions ... Read More
Fitzhugh, William (1761-1839) 1761 1839 William Fitzhugh (1761–1839), the son of William Fitzhugh (1721-1798), served as a cornet and lieutenant in the 3d Continental Dragoons, from 1779 to 1783. He settled in Hagerstown, Md., where he ... Read More
Fleming, Thomas 1786 Thomas Fleming (d. 1786) was a shipwright of Annapolis, Md., who removed to Alexandria, Va., by the early 1760s. In 1770 Fleming's carpenter had both repaired and sheathed the bottom of GW’s schooner ... Read More
Fletcher, George In 1761, George Fletcher owed GW four shillings for "1 New Hilling Hoe—pr Smiths Book" (Ledger A, 117). 
Fletcher, Philip In 1762, Philip Fletcher came to Mount Vernon, where he was paid for making nine-inch bricks, flooring tiles, and tiles for the garden wall (see Ledger A, 130, 147).
Foster, John John Foster was the overseer of GW’s Dogue Run farm at Mount Vernon. As compensation for his services, GW allowed Foster a share of the crops he raised at Dogue Run (see Ledger A, 127). In December ... Read More
Freeman, Thomas In 1784, GW appointed Thomas Freeman, then residing at Redstone, Pa., as his land agent to superintend his "affairs on the Western Waters in the State of Pennsylvania & Virginia". In September of ... Read More
French, Penelope Manley c. 1739 Penelope Manley French (born c.1739) was the sister of Harrison Manley and the wife of Daniel French (c.1723–1771), a wealthy Fairfax County planter who lived at Rose Hill, about five miles west of ... Read More
Fry, Jacob Jacob Fry leased from GW 200 acres of land on the South Fork of Bullskin Run for an annual rent of £6. On 1 March 1773, GW received by his brother Samuel Washington payment for the tract which had ... Read More
Gadsby, John c. 1766 1844 Between 1796 and 1808, English immigrant John Gadsby (c.1766-1844) ran a tavern called Gadsby's tavern, which was located on the corner of Royal and Cameron streets in Alexandria. The tavern ... Read More
Galt, Samuel c. 1700 1761 Samuel Galt (c.1700-1761) of Great Britain settled in Elizabeth City County, Virginia. He worked there as a watchmaker as early as 1738. An advertisement in the 9 June 1738 issue of the Virginia ... Read More
Garner, William (overseer) William Garner of Charles County, Md., signed a contract in December 1788 in which he agreed to serve as overseer of River plantation in return for £36 a year. Garner was employed until 1792 when he ... Read More
Gates, Isaac Isaac Gates, who lived near Mount Vernon, occasionally used the services of GW’s blacksmith and weavers, paying for them with chickens and eggs (see Ledger A, 87). In 1782 he was listed for tax ... Read More
Gavin, Joe Joe Gavin made shoes for slaves (see Ledger B, 156).
Gholson (Gholston), Anthony Anthony Gholson (Gholston) rented a 113-acre parcel (lot no. 6) of GW’s Frederick (Berkeley) County land on Evitts Run above Worthington’s Marsh from 1768 until at least as late as 1786. Gholson’s ... Read More
Giberne, Isaac William Rev. Isaac William Giberne was licensed as a preacher in 1758 and went to Virginia the following year to find a parish. He first lived at Thomas Turner's plantation Walsingham in King George ... Read More
Gildart, James James Gildart was an important merchant in Liverpool, England, who engaged in the tobacco trade and with whom the Custises had had dealings. GW also consigned several hogsheads of his own tobacco to ... Read More
Gilpin, Benjamin Benjamin Gilpin made use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon (see Ledger A, 79).
Gist, Ann Ann Gist was the mother of John Gist (d. 1778), who for many years had rented 106 acres on the east side of Dogue Run from Sampson Darrell. Ann lived on this land, which came under GW’s ownership in ... Read More
Gist, Christopher c. 1706 1759 Christopher Gist (c.1706–1759), a prominent figure on the Virginia-Pennsylvania frontier, was born in Maryland. After early experience in surveying and exploration, he was living in northwestern ... Read More
Gist, John 1778 John Gist (d. 1778) was a planter who in 1745 leased 106 acres on the east side of Dogue Run from Sampson Darrell—land that came under GW’s ownership after his purchase of 500 acres from Darrell in ... Read More
Gist, Thomas 1735 Thomas Gist (b. 1735), third son of Christopher Gist, was listed as an ensign on a return of the Virginia Regiment of 12 May 1758. Gist reached the rank of lieutenant before the Virginia Regiment ... Read More
Godfrey, William William Godfrey, peruke maker, advertised in the Virginia Gazette (Purdie and Dixon; Williamsburg) on 25 April 1766 the opening in Williamsburg of a “shop between the RALEIGH and the CAPITOL, where ... Read More
Gooding, Jacob c. 1791 Jacob Gooding (died c.1791) lived in Fairfax County. In Ledger A, 324, GW recorded on 2 Sept. 1770 “20 Maryland Dollars let you [Gooding] have myself to buy a Hanger &ca”; and he recorded ... Read More
Grace, Patrick GW's account with Patrick Grace shows that in 1760 GW owed Grace a total of £3 for threshing several bushels of rye, oats, and wheat. On 20 Dec. 1760, GW paid Grace the £3 in cash (see Ledger A, 112 ... Read More
Gray (Grey), William (ditcher) William Gray (Grey), a mulatto, was hired for a brief time in 1772 as a ditcher on the Mount Vernon farms (see Ledger B, 58). 
Gray, Joseph Joseph Gray (Grey) made occasional use of the blacksmith at Mount Vernon. Payment to GW was apparently received through John Posey (see Ledger A, 83, 92).
Gray, William (weaver) William Gray was GW's weaver. In 1789, he began renting from GW what was referred to as the Chapel land, which was part of a 700–acre tract in the area of Dogue Run which GW had acquired in 1772 ... Read More
Grayson, Benjamin c. 1768 Benjamin Grayson (died c.1768) ran a mercantile business in Colchester that he had recently inherited from his father Benjamin Grayson (d. 1757). On 19 Sept. 1764 Grayson was granted a license by the ... Read More
Green, Charles c. 1710 1765 The Rev. Charles Green (c.1710-1765), longtime rector of Truro Parish, was also a physician who attended the family at Mount Vernon. Green's wife, Margaret, later married William Savage after ... Read More
Green, Jonas 1767 Jonas Green (d. 1767) established the Maryland Gazette in Annapolis in 1745, and William Rind became his partner in 1758. Following Green's death in April 1767, his wife, Anne Catharine Green became ... Read More
Green, Peter Peter Green came to work at Mount Vernon as a gardener in the spring of 1765. He remained for one year.
Green, Thomas Thomas Green worked at Mount Vernon at least since 1783. He was employed first as a joiner and later as overseer of the plantation carpenters. GW accused Green of misconduct, which included ... Read More